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E35 The Secret Ingredient Companies Are Hiding in Your Favorite Foods A secret, chemical health threat is so prevalent in foods that it is nearly impossible to avoid. Tue, October 21 2014 5:34 am EDT
E34 Dr. Andrew Weil's No-Pill Solutions Dr. Andrew Weil provides all-natural options that work as well as prescription drugs. Tue, October 21 2014 5:34 am EDT
E33 Can You Trust Your Supermarket? Supermarket tricks to get shoppers to buy and eat more; James Van Der Beek; yo-yo dieting. Tue, October 21 2014 5:34 am EDT
E32 The Plan to Detox Without Juicing Detoxing and losing weight with real, whole foods; Joan Lunden's battle with cancer. Tue, October 21 2014
E31 Ebola Anxiety Grows The latest on the Ebola crisis; singer Melissa Etheridge. Mon, October 20 2014
E30 The Doctor Who Says He Visited Heaven A doctor says he has been to heaven and back; a mother of 15 wants to lose weight. Fri, October 17 2014
E29 Should You Be Taking a Low Dose Aspirin? Low-dose aspirin; a doctor loses 100 pounds; chef Mario Batali. Thu, October 16 2014
E28 Enterovirus: What You Need to Know Now Enterovirus warning signs and how to keep safe; singer Martina McBride. Wed, October 15 2014
E27 Legendary Model B. Smith Battles Alzheimer's Model B. Smith discusses Alzheimer's disease; blood pressure; migraines. Tue, October 14 2014
E26 Hair Salon Treatments: What You Need to Know Dangers of hair straighteners and relaxers; Jeff Probst tells how to survive everyday emergencies. Mon, October 13 2014
E25 New Health Rules You'll Love A life-saving technique for the heart; how obesity is measured; reality-TV star Caroline Manzo. Fri, October 10 2014
E24 Secrets to Eating Less and Feeling Fuller Learning to eat less; statin. Thu, October 09 2014
E23 That's What She Said: America's Top Female Doctors Set the Record Straight Female doctors take questions; talk-show host Sherri Shepherd; artificial sweeteners. Wed, October 08 2014
E22 14 Days to Shut Down Your Sugar Cravings Ending sugar cravings and losing weight; the power of prayer. Tue, October 07 2014
E21 New Ways to Slash Your Cancer Risk Today Cancer screening; how menus mislead diners to overeat. Mon, October 06 2014
E20 Could Antibiotics in Meat Be Making You Sick? A package of meat could put people at risk for bacterial infections; TV host Mario López. Fri, October 03 2014
E19 What to Eat for Every Body Type Specific foods that work the best for different body types; a five-minute fix for stress. Thu, October 02 2014
E18 The Ebola Crisis Spirals out of Control How the U.S. is preparing for the Ebola virus; Robin Thicke discusses his battle for sobriety. Wed, October 01 2014
E17 Total Body Restart Ways to supercharge one's body; a new risk for ovarian cancer. Tue, September 30 2014
E16 Theresa Caputo: How Talking to the Dead Can Keep You Healthy Psychic medium Theresa Caputo; Dr. Andrew Weil's ultimate grocery list. Mon, September 29 2014
E15 A Dr. Oz Alert: The Dangers of Walk-In Cosmetic Procedures Trendy medi-spas' walk-in procedures seem harmless but may have devastating results; microwaves. Fri, September 26 2014
E14 All-Day Energy Diet: Conquer Your Exhaustion in Just 7 Days Kicking energy into high gear; thyroid cancer; domestic violence. Thu, September 25 2014
E13 Could a Common Fibroid Surgery Spread Cancer? Hysterectomy; a probiotic prescription to lower blood pressure. Wed, September 24 2014
E12 The Ultimate Wheat-Free Guide to Transform Your Health Dangers of eating wheat; the "Angelina Jolie effect" on cancer screenings. Tue, September 23 2014
E11 New GMO Pesticide Doctors Are Warning Against Dangers of a new GMO pesticide; gastric bypass. Mon, September 22 2014
E10 Joan Rivers' Death: New Details From the Investigation Joan Rivers' death; Alzheimer's disease. Fri, September 19 2014
E9 A Dr. Oz Investigation: What Happens When You Die People who died and came back share their stories. Thu, September 18 2014
E8 The New Deadly Mystery Virus Spreading Fast Children battle a mystery lung virus; Robin Williams' death. Wed, September 17 2014
E7 Dr. Oz's Power Plan to Reset Your Fat-Loss Hormones Using hormones to lose stubborn fat; the pregnancy of Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge. Tue, September 16 2014
E6 The Dark Side of Legalized Marijuana: Edible Pot Threatening Your Kids Marijuana made to look like harmless cookies, soft drinks and candies; TV personality Kim Zolciak. Mon, September 15 2014
E5 Exclusive: Killed by Caffeine Powder Caffeine powder abuse; parents of a teen who died speak out; whether it should be banned. Fri, September 12 2014
E4 Oz Alert: Deadly Heart Attacks in Women Under 55 on the Rise The new face of heart attacks; five symptoms every woman should know; flu shots. Thu, September 11 2014
E3 Dr. Oz's Nationwide Sleep Clinic: Sleep Breakthroughs Uncovered The biggest sleep problems; Dr. Oz launches a sleep clinic; how people sabotage their slumber. Wed, September 10 2014
E2 Daytime Exclusive: I Am Adam Lanza's Mother Author A woman fears that her son could be the next mass murderer; the thyroid; a new public health threat. Tue, September 09 2014
E1 Ebola Epidemic: Why Experts Say It's Coming Here! The ebola crisis turns into a worldwide epidemic; Dr. Oz's health scare. Mon, September 08 2014
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