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E24 The Beginning of the Beginning Blair becomes headmistress of Eastland School. Sat, May 07 1988
E23 The Beginning of the End Blair puts up her grandmother's trust fund to save Eastland School from bankruptcy. Sat, April 30 1988
E22 Big Apple Blues A weekend trip to New York sets Natalie on a new life course. Sat, March 19 1988
E21 On the Edge A co-worker of Jo's suffers career burnout and threatens to commit suicide. Sat, March 12 1988
E20 Present Imperfect Tootie is afraid she may lose Jeff when a gift from his grandmother ends up in the blender. Sat, March 05 1988
E19 Till Marriage Do Us Part Jo and Blair both receive interesting, if unexpected, proposals from their boyfriends. Sat, February 27 1988
E18 Less Than Perfect A scar received in a car accident mars Blair's personality as well as her face. Sat, February 20 1988
E17 Let's Face the Music The girls get make-overs at a famous salon. Sat, February 13 1988
E16 The First Time Natalie and Snake become intimate. Sat, February 06 1988
E15 A House Divided Natalie and Tootie's dinner party doesn't go well when their dates don't get along. Sat, January 30 1988
E14 Peekskill Law Blair's first assignment as a law clerk involves her in a scandalous murder trial. Sat, January 23 1988
E13 Something in Common Jo's father takes an immediate dislike to his daughter's irresponsible boyfriend. Sat, January 16 1988
E12 A Thousand Frowns Jo introduces Andy to a man from the shelter. Sat, January 09 1988
E11 Golden Oldies It is 40 years into the future and the girls are back together in the same house. Sat, January 02 1988
E10 It's a Wonderful Christmas Stricken with the holiday blues, Beverly Ann has her own "It's a Wonderful Life" experience. Sat, December 12 1987
E9 Adventures in Baileysitting Blair learns a lesson about motherhood when she agrees to baby-sit her little sister. Sat, December 05 1987
E8 A Rose by Any Other Age Blair is stunned when her law school study partner falls for Beverly Ann. Sat, November 28 1987
E7 The More the Marrier Tootie forces Jeff to decide about their future. Sat, November 21 1987
E6 Up From Down Under A visitor claims to be a new exchange student from Australia. Sat, November 14 1987
E5 Sweet Charity Social worker Jo raises funds to save her new job. Sat, November 07 1987
E4 Before the Fall Natalie goes under cover as an ROTC cadet to get a news story. Sat, October 24 1987
E3 Rumor Has It Blair decides to quit law school after a rumor circulates about her and a womanizing professor. Sat, October 17 1987
E2 Down and Out in Malibu Upon his return home, actor Richard Moll finds a group of "trespassers" and has them arrested. Sat, October 03 1987
E1 Down and Out in Malibu Desperate Jo takes a housesitting job in Malibu. Sat, September 26 1987
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