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E30 The Judgment Taken prisoner by Lt. Gerard, Kimble asks for 24 more hours of freedom to prove his innocence. Tue, August 29 1967
E29 The Judgment Lt. Gerard plants a newspaper headline about the arrest of the one-armed man. Tue, August 22 1967
E28 The Shattered Silence Love causes Kimble's flight from a jealous police officer. Tue, April 11 1967
E27 Walls of Night Kimble falls in love with a woman (Janice Rule) who is a daytime-prison parolee. Tue, April 04 1967
E26 Dossier on a Diplomat A diplomat's wife betrays Kimble to Gerard after her husband invites him to the embassy. Tue, March 28 1967
E25 Death of a Very Small Killer Kimble is coerced into helping a doctor find a meningitis cure; Tue, March 21 1967
E24 The Savage Street Police identify Kimble when he steps in to save an immigrant's son from bullies. Tue, March 14 1967
E23 Passage to Helena A black sheriff transports Kimble and a murderer through the killer's territory. Tue, March 07 1967
E22 Goodbye My Love A singer plans to use Kimble's affection for her to get rid of her lover's wife. Tue, February 28 1967
E21 The Ivy Maze A college professor experiments to get the one-armed man to confess. Tue, February 21 1967
E20 There Goes the Ballgame Only Kimble witnesses the kidnapping of a reporter's (Martin Balsam) daughter (Lynda Day). Tue, February 07 1967
E19 The Breaking of the Habit Wounded Kimble seeks out Sister Veronica, who helped him two years earlier. Tue, January 31 1967
E18 Concrete Evidence Kimble interferes with a woman's search for evidence against a shady construction boss. Tue, January 24 1967
E17 The One That Got Away To catch an embezzler, a police officer (Charles Bronson) boards a yacht where Kimble is working. Tue, January 17 1967
E16 The Other Side of the Coin A co-worker (Beau Bridges), the son of the sheriff (John Larch), robs Kimble. Tue, January 10 1967
E15 Run the Man Down Kimble treats a wounded crook whose cohorts set upon him and the sheriff's girlfriend. Tue, January 03 1967
E14 The Evil Men Do An ex-gangster, a Thoroughbred breeder, offers Kimble anything after the doctor saves his life. Tue, December 27 1966
E13 The Blessings of Liberty Kimble learns an upholsterer is also a doctor on the run. Tue, December 20 1966
E12 The Devil's Disciples A motorcycle gang rescues Kimble from a posse, then decides to use him for revenge. Tue, December 06 1966
E11 Right in the Middle of the Season After being in a fight on a picket line, Kimble is taken by police. Tue, November 29 1966
E10 Nobody Loses All the Time Kimble helps the one-armed man's girlfriend when she is hit by a car. Tue, November 22 1966
E9 Approach With Care A mentally impaired man's (Denny Miller) devotion imperils Kimble. Tue, November 15 1966
E8 Wine Is a Traitor Ambushed Kimble discovers his attacker (Roy Thinnes) is the town boss's (James Gregory) son. Tue, November 01 1966
E7 Second Sight Kimble fights the one-armed man in a warehouse and is blinded in an explosion. Tue, October 25 1966
E6 Joshua's Kingdom Kimble defies a religious zealot to care for an unwed girl's critically ill infant. Tue, October 18 1966
E5 Ten Thousand Pieces of Silver A storekeeper recognizes Kimble from an article about a reward for his capture. Tue, October 11 1966
E4 The Sharp Edge of Chivalry Building-janitor Kimble is trapped when police seal off a slum block after a girl's murder. Tue, October 04 1966
E3 A Clean and Quiet Town In order to save his job as a bagman, the one-armed man hires a gunman to ambush Kimble. Tue, September 27 1966
E2 Death Is the Door Prize Witness Kimble must testify to save a former police officer charged with murder. Tue, September 20 1966
E1 The Last Oasis An Indian youth brings wounded Kimble from the desert to the home of a lonely schoolteacher. Tue, September 13 1966
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