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Ep Show Details Original Date & Time Channel
E28 Smothers Brothers Show Jack and the Smothers Brothers play wartime performers. Fri, April 16 1965
E27 Jack Has Dog Trouble Jack wears an expensive new suit to his sponsor's house for dinner. Fri, April 09 1965
E26 Jack Appears on a Panels Show A remake of an earlier episode. Fri, April 02 1965
E25 Dennis Opens a Bank Account Jack's publicity agent makes Jack pose for a bunch of ridiculous photos. Fri, March 26 1965
E24 Jack's Navy Buddy Returns Jack's old vaudeville partner and Navy pal wants to work with Jack. Fri, March 19 1965
E23 Jack Finds a Double The network brass bring in a Benny look-alike to lighten Jack's load. Fri, March 12 1965
E22 Jack Brings Ed Up From the Vault When Jack goes to his vault to get $10, he brings the guard back up with him. Fri, March 05 1965
E21 Rainy Day in Palm Springs Rochester trains the new housekeeper. Fri, February 26 1965
E20 Jack Joins Acrobats Acrobats are called in to cover when Jack's flying carpet sketch can't get off the ground. Fri, February 19 1965
E19 The Stradivarius Story Jack plays violin maker Antonio Stradivari. Fri, February 12 1965
E18 Jack Visits House of Monkeys Jack reminisces about his first meeting with the Marquis Chimps. Fri, February 05 1965
E17 The Kingston Trio Show The Kingston Trio's song "Tijuana Jail" is presented as a comedy sketch. Fri, January 29 1965
E16 Jack Adopts a Son Jack plays a man who adopts an unwanted orphan (Milton Berle). Fri, January 22 1965
E15 The Jack Jones Show Jack Jones joins Jack in a sketch about the teaching profession. Fri, January 08 1965
E14 One Man Show Jack brings Gisele MacKenzie to the stage to perform their violin duet. Fri, December 25 1964
E13 Amateur Night Dennis is banned from the set for this latest amateur talent show. Fri, December 18 1964
E12 Jack Has a Sick Alligator Jack calls a veterinarian to make a house call for the alligator guarding his vault. Fri, December 11 1964
E11 Wayne Newton/Louie Nye Show Jack, Wayne Newton and Louis Nye perform at a charity fund-raising garden party. Fri, December 04 1964
E10 Jack Hires a Cook Rochester finally gets a vacation, but panics when he sees a classified ad placed by Jack. Fri, November 27 1964
E9 The Cat Burglar During a game at Jack's, the poker players discuss a local burglar. Fri, November 20 1964
E8 Jack Loses a Raffle Women of the Beverly Hills Improvement Committee want to get rid of Jack's Maxwell. Fri, November 13 1964
E7 Jungle Sketch Jack plays a scientist trying to develop a non-skid banana peel. Fri, November 06 1964
E6 Hillbilly Sketch Connie Francis and Jack play hillbillies. Fri, October 30 1964
E5 Jack Makes Comedy Record Bob Hope and Jack decide to cut a comedy record. Fri, October 23 1964
E4 The Income Tax Show The IRS begins to doubt Jack's tax return. Fri, October 16 1964
E3 Andy Williams Show A tuxedo-clad Andy Williams joins Jack at the opening of a meat market. Fri, October 09 1964
E2 The Lucille Ball Show Lucille Ball joins Jack in a sketch about Paul Revere's famous ride. Fri, October 02 1964
E1 NBC Premiere Everybody is talking about Jack's return to NBC. Fri, September 25 1964
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