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E13 Who's Got Spirit? Jane finds love when the Spirits gang attends a conference in Hamilton. Wed, May 02 2007
E12 Till Beth Do Us Part Jane has feelings for Walton's new love interest, Beth. Wed, April 25 2007
E11 It's All Relative A deep-seeded sibling resentment is revealed when Jane has a run-in with her sister. Wed, April 18 2007
E10 Walton Returns A weary Walton returns from selling booze in Baghdad. Wed, April 11 2007
E9 The Chosen One Stella invites Jane to her monthly meeting of high-powered women. Wed, April 04 2007
E8 Plastic Ono Jane Jane takes on managing Iggoy's band. Wed, March 28 2007
E7 The United Nations of Jane Jane tries as hard as she can to prove she's not a racist; Stella is falling for Desmond. Wed, March 21 2007
E6 House of Jane When Jane house-sits for Susan, she gets more than she bargained for. Wed, March 14 2007
E5 Voices From the Past Jane's house guest from the past isn't quite who she remembered; Cary gets an unexpected visitor. Wed, March 07 2007
E4 Shower Killer Jane's attempt at a bridal shower for Susan takes a horrific turn. Wed, February 28 2007
E3 A Jane in the Crowd Jane resents the hiring of a reality show winner. Wed, February 21 2007
E2 Blog Like Me Lack of mention in her new boyfriend's blog leads Jane to extreme measures. Wed, February 14 2007
E1 Moving on Up Walton and Jane compete for the same job; Stella considers adopting a baby. Wed, February 07 2007
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