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E170 Jeff's Amazing Animal Moments Dog whisperer Cesar Millan; a cat expert; doggie hair-dos; exotic and adorable animals. Wed, September 04 2013
E169 Astonishing Medical Mysteries Brittle bones; inability to feel pain; face blindness; whether to remove life support. Mon, September 02 2013
E168 Compelling Reality TV Stars Interviews with the stars of "Preachers' Daughters" and "LA Shrinks." Tue, August 27 2013
E167 People Who Make Their Own Rules A journalist takes her family on an 18-month adventure across the world. Fri, August 23 2013
E166 Interviews We Couldn't Show You Until Now "Braxton Family Values"; "Chelsea Lately"; "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice." Wed, August 21 2013
E165 Jeff's Most Inspirational Guests A woman born with no arms; a young man fights for his life after his father injected him with HIV. Mon, August 12 2013
E164 Hugh Jackman, Rick Springfield, Vivica Fox: Some of Jeff's Most Entertaining Interviews Kristen Bell; Hugh Jackman; Jon Cryer; Shemar Moore; Rick Springfield performs. Fri, August 02 2013
E163 Jeff's Favorite Senior Moments Jeff's favorite moments and never-before-seen interviews with older guests. Mon, July 22 2013
E162 Jeff's Most Hilarious Guests The year's funniest moments; Howie Mandel; Marlon Wayans; Judge Judy; Vivica Fox; Rove McManus. Tue, July 09 2013
E161 Jeff's Amazing Kids Show Jeff looks back at some of the incredible children he has met in the past year. Wed, July 03 2013
E160 Jeff's Never-Before-Seen Interviews A family of 11 drop out of society and live in a camper for most of their lives; Walton Goggins. Fri, June 28 2013
E159 Secrets on How to Sell Yourself, With Daniel Pink Changing the way one thinks about oneself and communicates with others. Tue, June 25 2013
E158 Backing Up Michael Jackson, Elton John, Bruce, Sting & Luther: 20 Feet From Stardom Singers Gifted backup singers to the stars discuss their world and show off their skills. Fri, June 14 2013
E157 On to the Next Adventure! The Jeff Probst Show Finale Lessons Jeff learned from his guests over the past year; Kelly Pozzoli; Michael Pollack performs. Wed, May 22 2013
E156 Abandoned Ship: Survivors of the Costa Concordia Shipwreck Share Their Harrowing Story Survivors of the ill-fated Costa Concordia cruise ship tell of being left to fend for themselves. Tue, May 21 2013
E155 Jeff, Yvette & Tyrese Help a Family off the Streets Jeff, Yvette Nicole Brown and Tyrese Gibson give a homeless woman and her children a new apartment. Mon, May 20 2013
E154 Incredible Stories of Tourette's A man with Tourette's syndrome discusses experimental brain surgery; Jamie Grace performs. Fri, May 17 2013
E153 Jeff Hands the Reins Over: Yvette Nicole Brown on Love and Music Singer Lalah Hathaway, director Jennifer Siebel Newsom and guest host Yvette Nicole Brown. Thu, May 16 2013
E152 Colin Hay: Life Beyond Men at Work Musician Colin Hay discusses his career and performs. Wed, May 15 2013
E151 Extreme Experiments: Could You Live Like This? Three women tell of choosing to live extreme lifestyles without certain creature comforts. Tue, May 14 2013
E150 Inside the Minds of Men, With Tyrese Gibson Actor Tyrese Gibson. Mon, May 13 2013
E149 Magnificent Moms: Bill & Giuliana Rancic Talk Parenthood; The Woman Who Gave Her Sister the Miracle of Life Bill and Giuliana Rancic; orphan sisters, reunited after 14 years, help each other with motherhood. Fri, May 10 2013
E148 Amazing Young People Who Are Changing the World A 16-year-old CEO builds a school in Haiti; a 12-year-old starts a program to cheer sick children. Thu, May 09 2013
E147 How One Man's Last Wish Is Creating a Pay-It-Forward Movement Leaving large restaurant tips; office workers who won a huge lotto jackpot. Wed, May 08 2013
E146 Nia Vardalos and Gabrielle Reece on Motherhood and Life's Not-So-Fairy-Tale Moments Actress Nia Vardalos; volleyball player Gabrielle Reece. Tue, May 07 2013
E145 Family Values With the Braxtons Reality TV stars Toni, Tamar, Traci, Towanda and Evelyn Braxton. Mon, May 06 2013
E144 Incredible Donor Reunion: One Family's Mission to Save Lives Parents turn the tragedy of their teen's death into a story of survival by donating her organs. Fri, May 03 2013
E143 Adopted Daughter Found: A Mother and Daughter Reunited After 44 Years A woman tells how she was forced to give up her baby girl for adoption. Thu, May 02 2013
E142 I Lost My Identical Twin Author Christa Parravani tells of her life after her identical twin's death. Tue, April 30 2013
E141 Heartthrob Colin Egglesfield; Expert Jacquee Kahn Reveals Her Girlfriend 911 Plan That Will Change the Way You Date Actor Colin Egglesfield; author Jacquee Kahn gives dating advice. Mon, April 29 2013
E140 From Seinfeld to Rules of Engagement: Funnyman Patrick Warburton; Plus, the Author Being Called the Next Dr. Seuss! Actor Patrick Warburton; author Dallas Clayton. Fri, April 26 2013
E139 A Letter to My Dog: Inspirational and Fun Stories About Man's Best Friend A therapy dog helps a soldier's PTSD; doggy hairdos; canine stars of "Who Let the Dogs Out." Thu, April 25 2013
E138 Extreme Amnesia Stories: Lost Memories and a Lost Identity Multiple sclerosis causes a woman to lose her memory; a man found beaten has no memory of his past. Wed, April 24 2013
E137 Selfless Acts of Friendship Intern Daniel Hernandez tells of helping to save Rep. Gabrielle Giffords' life. Tue, April 23 2013
E136 Women Breaking Down Barriers A female sailor; UFC fighting champion Ronda Rousey; a woman swims with white sharks. Mon, April 22 2013
E135 The Funny People Behind Chelsea Josh Wolf, Sarah Colonna and Jen Kirkman ("Chelsea Lately"). Mon, April 15 2013
E134 Scandal on Capitol Hill and the Star of Veep, Reid Scott Reid Scott; the authors of "Capital Hell" tell of their experiences working in politics. Fri, April 12 2013
E133 Undercover Boss & the Captains of Deadliest Catch An executive who went under cover on "Undercover Boss"; three "Deadliest Catch" cast members. Thu, April 11 2013
E132 The Business of Dying, With the Funeral Bosses The cast of "Funeral Boss"; Caitlin Doughty ("Ask a Mortician"). Wed, April 10 2013
E131 Funny Girl Melissa Peterman, Plus the Viral Video Star Who Played Piano With Billy Joel Melissa Peterman; 18-year-old Michael Pollack, a viral video sensation. Tue, April 09 2013
E130 Don Felder on His Tumultuous Time With the Eagles and the Story Behind Hotel California Former Eagles guitarist Don Felder recounts his history with the band and performs. Mon, April 08 2013
E129 Technology Trailblazers With Multi-Million-Dollar Ideas A website explains song lyrics, literature and the Bible; Sal Khan, founder of Khan Academy. Fri, April 05 2013
E128 Prank Wars Friends have been playing a game of tag for more than 30 years; "Betty White's Off Their Rockers." Mon, April 01 2013
E127 One on One With Reality TV's Biggest Villain, Omarosa Omarosa ("All-Star Celebrity Apprentice"). Fri, March 29 2013
E126 America's Shameful Secret: A Shocking Military Cover-Up A woman tells of being raped while serving in the U.S. Navy; producers Amy Ziering and Kirby Dick. Mon, March 25 2013
E125 From Dreams to Reality Show: The Stars of Tanked The stars of "Tanked" discuss working with the family and dangerous aspects of the job. Fri, March 22 2013
E124 Real or Fake? Inside Finding Bigfoot The stars of "Finding Bigfoot" discuss their quest and react to criticism. Thu, March 21 2013
E123 A Medical Mystery: The Woman Who Lost Her Mind for a Month Author Susannah Cahalan shares her story of falling into madness due to a rare disease. Tue, March 19 2013
E122 Inside the Minds of LA Shrinks Therapists from "LA Shrinks" share stories of relationships and struggles. Mon, March 18 2013
E121 Fashion Star's John Varvatos Gives Jeff a New Look Menswear designer John Varvatos shows off his new spring collection. Fri, March 15 2013
E120 The Blind Man Who Taught Himself to See A blind man tells how he participates in sports like mountain biking and skiing. Thu, March 14 2013
E119 Defying Expectations! The First Miss America Contestant With Autism and the Homeless Hero Who Found $3000 and Gave It Back Miss Montana Alexis Wineman; a homeless man's generosity turns his life around. Wed, March 13 2013
E118 Lost in the Wild With Dominic Monaghan Dominic Monaghan; a man sets out to be the first person to cross the United States in a wheelchair. Tue, March 12 2013
E117 A Rare Look at the Racy Lives of Preachers' Daughters! Teen girls struggle to deal with adolescent temptations and expectations of their pastor parents. Mon, March 11 2013
E116 Jeff's Stage Manager, Pete, Takes a Viewer Out on the Town; Red-Carpet Secrets Revealed Chris Gaida; Haley Strode; stage manager Pete tells of his recent date with an audience member. Fri, March 08 2013
E115 Celebrity Trainer Jackie Warner Fitness trainer Jackie Warner. Thu, March 07 2013
E114 Millionaire Moms Four women turned their ideas into million-dollar businesses; fitness enthusiast Jillian Michaels. Wed, March 06 2013
E113 My Life Became a Movie The basis for "The Sessions"; interior designer Leigh Anne Tuohy; Obama impersonator Louis Ortiz. Tue, March 05 2013
E112 Modern Families Co-parenting; a gay couple named "Fathers of the Year"; women used the same sperm donor. Mon, March 04 2013
E111 TLC's Tionne T-Boz Watkins and Ethan Zohn's True Survival Stories Singer Tionne "T-Boz" Watkins; Ethan Zohn ("Survivor: Africa"). Fri, March 01 2013
E110 From Bee Stings to the Dirtiest Places in Your Home: Jeff Reveals Stuff You Should Know Charles W. Bryant and Josh Clark (the Science Channel's "Stuff You Should Know"). Thu, February 28 2013
E109 Daytime Exclusive: Mariel Hemingway and the Hemingway Family Secrets Actress Mariel Hemingway discusses her famous family and healthy living. Wed, February 27 2013
E108 Dan Cortese and Guinness World Records Gone Wild Dan Cortese ("Guinness World Records Gone Wild"); people vie for unusual records. Tue, February 26 2013
E107 Exclusive: The Girl With Bones as Fragile as Glass A 21-year-old with a rare fragile-bone disorder shares her unwavering optimism. Mon, February 25 2013
E106 Hollywood's Hardest-Working Stars: Lisa Rinna and, From Lincoln and Django Unchained, Actor Walton Goggins Actress Lisa Rinna; actor Walton Goggins. Fri, February 22 2013
E105 Stacy London Reveals Her Top Trends for Spring and Her Secret Fashion Weapon Fashion enthusiast Stacy London. Thu, February 21 2013
E104 Getting Personal With Dr. Drew and Adam Carolla Dr. Drew Pinsky and comic Adam Carolla. Wed, February 20 2013
E103 Top Chef Star Gail Simmons Shares Food & Wine Secrets; The Woman Who Grew Up Pretending to Be a Boy Gail Simmons; iO Tillett Wright, a woman who lived for eight years as a boy. Tue, February 19 2013
E102 John Stamos: Humanitarian Heartthrob Actor John Stamos. Mon, February 18 2013
E101 Secrets From Inside the Shark Tank: How to Mastermind a Million Dollar Idea Robert Herjavec ("Shark Tank"); two entrepreneurs pitch their products. Fri, February 15 2013
E100 Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger's New Valentine Patti Stanger; a couple tries to set a world record for the longest on-screen kiss. Thu, February 14 2013
E99 Young Heroes: The Teen Who Stopped a Murderer and the Winners of Sports Illustrated Kids Magazine's SportsKids of the Year Award Boy competes in triathlons and brings his brother, who has cerebral palsy; teen stops an attacker. Wed, February 13 2013
E98 The Ultimate American Adventure: What's Your Town's Claim to Fame? Geoff Edgers ("Edge of America"); a town that developed its own language. Tue, February 12 2013
E97 Dr. Sanjay Gupta on Top-Secret Hospital Meetings and His Hot New Primetime Drama Dr. Sanjay Gupta and actor Jamie Bamber ("Monday Mornings"). Mon, February 11 2013
E96 17 Days Held Captive in Underground Dungeon Kidnapping survivor Katie Beers tells of her abduction and captivity underground. Fri, February 08 2013
E95 Reality Show Secrets Revealed: Stars of Bering Sea Gold Emily Riedel and Zeke Tenhoff ("Bering Sea Gold"). Thu, February 07 2013
E94 The Funny Women Behind TV's Popular Newsmen: Ali Wentworth and Lee Woodruff Lee Woodruff and Ali Wentworth; Yvette Nicole Brown; contestants compete at "Lickety Split." Wed, February 06 2013
E93 Sex, Drugs & Speed Dating: The Secret Lives of Seniors, With Lisa Ling Lisa Ling reveals secrets she learned about senior citizens and talks about her aging father. Tue, February 05 2013
E92 Young People Changing the World Two young adults make the world a better place through small acts of kindness. Mon, February 04 2013
E91 Rainn Wilson on the End of The Office & His New Project With Oprah Actor Rainn Wilson; actress Yvette Nicole Brown; contestants play a game involving whipped cream. Fri, February 01 2013
E90 Searching for Sugar Man -- the Singer Who Went From Obscurity to the Oscars Musician Rodriguez and movie director Malik Bendjelloul ("Searching for Sugar Man"). Thu, January 31 2013
E89 Dog Whisperer Cesar Millan and Animal Planet's Pit Boss Shorty Rossi: How They've Saved Animals and Survived Live's Challenges Shorty Rossi ("Pit Boss"); "Dog Whisperer" Cesar Millan; women saved horses from a burning barn. Wed, January 30 2013
E88 The Stars of The Sisterhood Share the Inside World of Preachers' Wives Tara, Christina, Ivy and Domonique ("The Sisterhood"); actress Lisa Whelchel. Tue, January 29 2013
E87 Marlon Wayans and His Hilarious Family Marlon, Damien Dante and Craig Wayans and George O. Gore II; Yvette Nicole Brown; a balloon artist. Mon, January 28 2013
E86 The Saturdays The Saturdays perform and discuss their new reality show. Fri, January 25 2013
E85 Jenna Fischer on Motherhood, Marriage & Saying Goodbye to The Office Actress Jenna Fischer. Thu, January 24 2013
E84 Kids Who Don't Go to School: Radical Parenting A mother "un-schools" her four children -- with no curriculum or textbooks to guide her. Wed, January 23 2013
E83 Pete Rose: Life After Baseball and His Surprising New Reality Show Ballplayer Pete Rose and fiancee, Kiana Kim. Tue, January 22 2013
E82 People Who Faked Their Identities A prominent 9/11 survivor's stunning lie becomes a national story. Fri, January 18 2013
E81 Journeys to the Afterlife Life after death; two guests say they have experienced heaven firsthand. Thu, January 17 2013
E80 My Life Became a Media Circus A woman tells of multiple orgasm syndrome; a joke photo became the most shared picture on Facebook. Wed, January 16 2013
E79 Valerie Harper on Secrets to Looking and Feeling Young, and Rhoda! Actress Valerie Harper. Tue, January 15 2013
E78 Women on Top of Their Game, With Tia Mowry Actress Tia Mowry; a high-school chess champion challenges Jeff to a game. Mon, January 14 2013
E77 Sex for Success A naked therapist; a waitress shakes up her wardrobe; mixed martial artist Felice Herrig. Fri, January 11 2013
E76 Amazing Twin Stories Twins travel across the country to meet singer Dolly Parton; two sets of twins marry; psychic twins. Thu, January 10 2013
E75 Kids and Teens on Reality TV Mothers, daughters and a coach featured on "Cheer Perfection"; Josh Shipp ("Teen Trouble"). Wed, January 09 2013
E74 My Multi-Million Dollar Idea A mother's multimillion-dollar business; an attorney creates art with Legos; an idea worth millions. Tue, January 08 2013
E73 Feel-Good Follow-Ups! Kelly Pozzoli tells of her cancer surgery; Mark and Paul ("The Baby Wait") tell of saving a life. Mon, January 07 2013
E72 An Hour With Hugh Jackman Actor Hugh Jackman discusses his personal and professional lives before getting a surprise. Fri, December 21 2012
E71 Shahs of Sunset Cast members from "The Shahs of Sunset" discuss the show and respond to criticism. Thu, December 20 2012
E70 Olympic Gymnast With a Shocking Secret Olympic gymnast Dominique Moceanu; a woman discusses discovering her father was a serial killer. Wed, December 19 2012
E69 Danica Patrick & Rejection Race-car driver Danica Patrick discusses the dangers of her profession. Tue, December 18 2012
E68 Actor Eric Roberts and Dancing With the Stars Champion Helio Castroneves Actor Eric Roberts discusses his career; Indy 500 winner Helio Castroneves. Mon, December 17 2012
E67 An Unexpected Twist Dwight Henry; an innocent man spent 27 years in prison for murder; a couple chases tornadoes. Fri, December 14 2012
E66 Alana Stewart Shares Her Private Diaries Actress Alana Stewart. Thu, December 13 2012
E65 Survivor Finalists An interview with the five remaining "Survivor: Philippines" castaways. Wed, December 12 2012
E64 Hollywood Moms, With Jami Gertz & Constance Zimmer Actresses Jami Gertz and Constance Zimmer. Tue, December 11 2012
E63 Doomsday Preppers The stars of the shows "Doomsday Preppers" and "Jungle Gold." Mon, December 10 2012
E62 Married to the Army: Alaska; Cat Cora Stars of "Married to the Army: Alaska"; chef Cat Cora creates holiday treats. Fri, December 07 2012
E61 Angela Kinsey & Elizabeth Perkins Actress Angela Kinsey; actress Elizabeth Perkins; one of Jeff's favorite authors. Thu, December 06 2012
E60 Jeff Takes a DNA Test A DNA specialist reveals Jeff's genetic makeup; George Eads; four siblings separated 80 years ago. Wed, December 05 2012
E59 Would You Say That to My Face? Heckler Robin Ficker meets NBA star Isaiah Thomas; how online bullies nearly ruined a wedding. Fri, November 30 2012
E58 The Stars of Sister Wives Polygamist Kody Brown and wives Meri, Janelle, Christine and Robyn and four of their 17 children. Thu, November 29 2012
E57 Can't Say That Because I'm Fat Author Jennifer Weiner; comic Russell Peters; matchmaker Steve Ward; comic Michelle Buteau. Wed, November 28 2012
E56 The Experts of Reality TV With Carter Oosterhouse & Dave Salmoni Carter Oosterhouse ("Million Dollar Rooms"); Dave Salmoni ("Frontier Earth"). Tue, November 27 2012
E55 Criminal Minds Star Shemar Moore and the Number One Lady in His Life Shemar Moore and the woman who has his heart; Deborah Ann Woll and boyfriend E.J. Scott. Mon, November 26 2012
E54 Cougars & Catfish Filmmaker Nev Schulman discusses documenting his online quest for love and his new reality show. Fri, November 23 2012
E53 Eighties Icon Rick Springfield Singer Rick Springfield discusses his battle with depression and performs. Wed, November 21 2012
E52 Jillian Michaels & Marissa Jaret Winokur & Amazing Weight Loss Stories Trainer Jillian Michaels shares how she overcame her weight issues; actress Marissa Jaret Winokur. Tue, November 20 2012
E51 Jeff's Surprise Ambush Blowout! Deserving people receive surprises; TV personalities Brandi Glanville and Lisa Vanderpump. Mon, November 19 2012
E50 Jeff's Ultimate Fix-Up Show Three matchmakers go head-to-head to pick the ideal match for the same woman. Fri, November 16 2012
E49 Kidnapped and Buried Alive: Real Crime Stories A man survived an assassination attempt; a girl's parents sold her into slavery. Thu, November 15 2012
E48 The Husband Who Is Now a Woman and the Daughter Who Is Now a Son Transgendered guests change the lives of the people who love them. Wed, November 14 2012
E47 The Girl With Sleeping Beauty Syndrome & Other Medical Mysteries Jeff meets people battling some of the world's rarest medical conditions. Tue, November 13 2012
E46 The Inside Scoop About The Biggest Loser and Days of our Lives With Alison Sweeney Actress Alison Sweeney. Mon, November 12 2012
E45 Kristen Bell Takes a Hike With Jeff ... and a Surprise Celebrity Ambush Makeover! Actress Kristen Bell; audience members get celebrity makeovers. Fri, November 09 2012
E44 The Secret Lives of Adult Film Stars Two adult film stars; a website dedicated to presenting a more realistic depiction of sex. Thu, November 08 2012
E43 You Can't Say That Because ... With Marlee Matlin Actress Marlee Matlin discusses being deaf in Hollywood; comic James Adomian. Wed, November 07 2012
E42 JLo's Makeup Artist Tells All; A Wife Who Won't Stop Having Plastic Surgery Makeup artist Scott Barnes; a woman's love of cosmetic surgery breaks the bank and her marriage. Tue, November 06 2012
E41 The Drama Behind the Drama: Days of our Lives' Sexiest Stars Tell All Kristian Alfonso, Drake Hogestyn, James Scott, Galen Gering, Bryan Dattilo and Deidre Hall. Mon, November 05 2012
E40 Jennie Garth: 90210's Sweetheart on Life After Divorce Actress Jennie Garth ("Beverly Hills, 90210"). Fri, November 02 2012
E39 Moms on Strike A mother makes international headlines by going on strike in her own home. Thu, November 01 2012
E38 Jeff Goes Under Cover to Reveal Psychic Secrets Jeff poses as a psychic and gives readings; hypnotist Tom Silver. Wed, October 31 2012
E37 From Child Star to Chippendale: Joey Lawrence; NCIS: LA Star Daniela Ruah Actor Joey Lawrence; actress Daniela Ruah. Tue, October 30 2012
E36 Teen Star Lisa Whelchel: Surviving Survivor & Divorce Actress Lisa Whelchel ("The Facts of Life"). Mon, October 29 2012
E35 The Miracle Girl Born With No Arms; The Boy Whose Father Tried to Kill Him A young woman with no arms; a young man's father injected him with HIV-infected blood. Fri, October 26 2012
E34 Vivica Fox Talks Dating and Shoots Hoops With Jeff Actress Vivica Fox. Thu, October 25 2012
E33 The Mother Who Couldn't Remember Her Kids A woman's face blindness makes her unable to recognize anyone; an Ambush Adventure. Wed, October 24 2012
E32 Lisa Ling; The Millionaire Addicted to Shopping Lisa Ling; a millionaire spirals into an out-of-control shopping addiction and loses everything. Tue, October 23 2012
E31 Sexy Secrets of a Professional Wing Girl; The David Letterman of Australia A matchmaker takes her clients out to help them get dates; comic Rove McManus. Mon, October 22 2012
E30 What Are the Odds? A woman survives a deadly plane crash; a man finds a wedding ring at the bottom of a garbage truck. Fri, October 19 2012
E29 Love After Death Row Damien Echols, who spent 18 years on death row for a crime he did not commit, and his wife, Lorri. Thu, October 18 2012
E28 Living Your Truth Drag queen RuPaul; party planner Jennifer Gilbert. Wed, October 17 2012
E27 Crazy Cat People Actress Gina Gershon; cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy. Tue, October 16 2012
E26 It's All in Your Head Business magnate Mark Cuban tells how to make professional dreams come true. Mon, October 15 2012
E25 Unconventional Stars Actress Melanie Lynskey talks about having to overcome the odds; actor Oliver Platt. Fri, October 12 2012
E24 Can They Keep Their Baby? A same-sex couple discuss the challenges they faced when trying to adopt a baby. Thu, October 11 2012
E23 Son of a Guru -- The Personal Side of Deepak Chopra We've Never Seen Deepak Chopra and his son, Gotham, provide a glimpse into the father's private life. Wed, October 10 2012
E22 Dumped by Text by Bigamist Husband "Push Girls" stars Auti, Angela and Tiphany; a wife dumped via text message; chef Fabio Viviani. Tue, October 09 2012
E21 The Woman Who Spent Her Childhood in a Storage Unit A woman talks about being locked inside a storage unit for more than a decade before escaping. Mon, October 08 2012
E20 Prime Time's Popular Star Pauley Perrette The star of "NCIS" Pauley Perrette chats with Jeff. Fri, October 05 2012
E19 Let's Make a Deal Comic Wayne Brady; saving money while shopping. Thu, October 04 2012
E18 Howie Mandel Howie Mandel talks about his career and the dare that changed his life. Wed, October 03 2012
E17 What Is Beautiful? With Paulina Porizkova Supermodel Paulina Porizkova talks about getting older; a health update from Kelly. Tue, October 02 2012
E16 Judge Judy Judy Sheindlin, known as Judge Judy, discusses her career. Mon, October 01 2012
E15 The Man Who Sued His Wife's Lover A bank robber; a woman who lied on her resume and forged her diploma; a man sued his wife's lover. Fri, September 28 2012
E14 Jeff's Friend Jon Cryer Actor Jon Cryer talks with Jeff about his career. Thu, September 27 2012
E13 The Bride Who Spent $159 on Her Wedding People living in unique situations include a woman who spent only $159 on her wedding. Wed, September 26 2012
E12 Worst Breakups Ever! Guests who have experienced terrible breakups include reality TV star Brandi Glanville. Tue, September 25 2012
E11 Things You Can't Say on TV, With Margaret Cho and Chely Wright Margaret Cho and Chely Wright discuss race, stereotypes, labels and political correctness. Mon, September 24 2012
E10 Could You Make a New Friend Every Day? A woman sets out to make a new friend every day for a year; a man conducts bizarre life experiments. Fri, September 21 2012
E9 You Get Paid to Do What? With Mike Rowe Mike Rowe shares some of the unique jobs he has done on his hit TV show; an adult-toy reviewer. Thu, September 20 2012
E8 The Loneliest Guy in America A man posts his phone number around New York City in order to find someone to talk to. Wed, September 19 2012
E7 The Man Who Got Jeff to Dance in Public Reality stars Jeff Lewis and Zoila Chavez; a man changes his life to bring joy to his teen daughter. Tue, September 18 2012
E6 The Mom Who Lost Her Limbs to a Flesh-Eating Virus A woman not feeling well checks herself into a hospital and comes out with her limbs amputated. Mon, September 17 2012
E5 What's a Real Man? Morgan Spurlock Reveals How Men Really Think Documentarian Morgan Spurlock joins Jeff to talk about what makes a man. Fri, September 14 2012
E4 Sexy at Any Age! Josie Cavaluzzi, Teresa Dalquist and Mary Bartnicki, all in their 80s, give their take on sex. Thu, September 13 2012
E3 The Couple Building the Largest Home in America A couple talk about building the largest home in America when the economy crashed in 2008. Wed, September 12 2012
E2 From Medical Student to Britain's Next Big Star! Three inspiring people switch gears in life in order to pursue their dreams. Tue, September 11 2012
E1 Jeff's Premiere Episode With Guests Who Say Yes to Life in Incredible Ways! Three stories of living life to the fullest, despite illness, age or any obstacle. Mon, September 10 2012
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