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E150 No information found. Fri, September 13 2013
E149 No information found. Thu, September 12 2013
E148 No information found. Wed, September 11 2013
E147 No information found. Tue, September 10 2013
E146 No information found. Mon, September 09 2013
E145 The Father of Your Unborn Baby Is a Deadbeat!; If the Baby Is Not Mine, the Relationship Is Over! A deadbeat dad; guests take paternity tests. Fri, July 26 2013
E144 I Slept With Two Cousins ... Which One Is the Dad?; My Ex Wants Money for a Baby She Says Is Not Mine A man abandons his child after his relationship with the mother ends. Thu, July 25 2013
E143 You Got Me Pregnant When I Was 13 Years Old Guests learn the results of paternity tests. Fri, July 19 2013
E142 I Hope You're Not the Father of My Twin Babies; How Can I Know I'm the Father to Your Twins When You Slept With All My Friends? Guests learn the results of paternity tests. Fri, July 12 2013
E141 Start Letting My Ex Be a Dad to Our Son!; Are You Cheating on Me While I'm Pregnant With Your Child?; I'm Working on Cars, Not Other Women Fri, July 05 2013
E140 You Left Me for Another Woman, Now You Refuse to See Your Children; My Mother Made My Rapist Babysit Me Deadbeat dad; accusations of child molestation; a broken family; accusations of abuse. Wed, May 22 2013
E139 How Could My Mom Punch Me While I Was Pregnant?; I'll Prove All Three of My Children Are Yours Accusations of violence; paternity; desperate for a reunion. Tue, May 21 2013
E138 We Only Get Back Together if We Pass the Lie Detector Test; Should I Stay With a Woman That Beats Me? An ultimatum; a violent relationship. Mon, May 20 2013
E137 How Can You Steal From Our Baby?; I Want to Dump Your Mom and Marry Your Fiancee Troubled families. Fri, May 17 2013
E136 You Forged the DNA Test: How Can I Believe Your Daughter Is Mine?; I Hope My Husband Cheated, Because I Cheated in Revenge Accusations of cheating. Thu, May 16 2013
E135 Why Are You Texting Other Men if You're Not Cheating? The Lie-Detector Results!; Dump Our Mom and Get Out of Our Lives Accusations of cheating and polygraph results. Wed, May 15 2013
E134 You Got Me Pregnant at 14, Then Abandoned Me and Our Son; Why Are You Texting Other Men if You're Not Cheating? Deadbeat dad; accusations of cheating; paternity test. Tue, May 14 2013
E133 Is This America's Worst Father? Jennifer says her deadbeat ex has told people their son was dead. Mon, May 13 2013
E132 I Won't Let You See Your Sons if You're Still Dealing Drugs Donna is furious at her children's father because he has not seen them in eight years. Fri, May 10 2013
E131 Stop Beating My Sister! Shantelle says she wants her sister to break up with her abusive boyfriend. Thu, May 09 2013
E130 I Trap Men by Getting Pregnant! A teen's mother threw her out of the house when she found out she was pregnant again. Wed, May 08 2013
E129 My Mother Let Me Be a Teenage Prostitute A prostitute confronts her mother for destroying her life. Tue, May 07 2013
E128 My Daughter Invited Pedophiles to Our House Sharleen fears her 17-year-old daughter is so out of control that she will soon end up dead. Mon, May 06 2013
E127 If I'm the Dad, Stop Pretending Your Baby Is White! Jamanul says if Heather's baby is his, he wants him to know his African-American heritage. Fri, May 03 2013
E126 Is My 16-Year-Old Having Sex for Drugs and Money? Teen Payton may be having sex with older men in exchange for money and drugs. Thu, May 02 2013
E125 Accept You're My Baby's Dad and Give Me a Divorce Jennifer says her husband abandoned her while she was pregnant. Wed, May 01 2013
E124 I Proved You're a Prostitute, Now Prove Your Child Is Mine! William wants a DNA test to prove whether a prostitute's 2-year-old is his. Tue, April 30 2013
E123 I Won't Let You See Your Son Until You Give Me Money! Ebony says her ex stole a pair of shoes from his other child to give to her son. Mon, April 29 2013
E122 I'll Prove You're on Drugs, Then You Won't See Your Baby Again! John takes a drug test to prove whether he is responsible enough to spend time with his child. Fri, April 26 2013
E121 My Boyfriend Is Cheating on Me With His Wife! Jamie is upset because her boyfriend's wife is trying to destroy their relationship. Thu, April 25 2013
E120 My Brother Has Been Tricked Before, but This Baby Is His! April is upset with her brother for denying a baby girl she is certain is his. Wed, April 24 2013
E119 You've Had Sex With All My Sons ... None of Them Are Your Baby's Father! Gerry wants DNA testing to prove that Ashley's baby is not a member of her family. Tue, April 23 2013
E118 Second Chance: You Must Go to Rehab! Joe and Cindy return to the show with their son, Martin, whose drug addiction has gotten worse. Mon, April 22 2013
E117 How Could My Mother Try to Drown Me? Sierra confronts her mother, asking her why she abused her for years and tried to drown her. Fri, April 19 2013
E116 You've Chosen Your New Family Over Our 10-Year-Old Son! Jackie wants her ex to step up and help raise their son or sign off his paternal rights for good. Thu, April 18 2013
E115 I'll Admit I Slept With 3 Men, but I'll Prove My Husband's the Father! Sarah confesses that she cheated on her husband and hopes a DNA test will show that her baby is his. Wed, April 17 2013
E114 I'll Prove the Child You Abused Is Really Your Son! Steve takes a DNA test to find out if he is the father of his ex-wife's 21-year-old son. Tue, April 16 2013
E113 Have You Given My Daughter HIV? Maria says her daughter's boyfriend pimps her out, got her hooked on drugs and gave her HIV. Mon, April 15 2013
E112 I Hope My Fiance Is the Father ... Not Your Husband Billy Jo had a one-night stand with a married man a month before she started dating her fiance. Fri, April 12 2013
E111 I'm Sorry I Had Sex With Your Brother: Please Take Me Back! Jamie's boyfriend moved out when she told him she was having an affair with his younger brother. Tue, April 09 2013
E110 Explain to Your Daughter Why You Chose Drugs Over Her! Jinny has been addicted to drugs for 23 years and has lost custody of all of her children. Mon, April 08 2013
E109 Best of The Jeremy Kyle Show Season 2 Repeats of four popular episodes involve incest, stepparenting, prostitution and drugs. Thu, February 28 2013
E108 Mom, It's Your Fault My 6 Kids Are in Foster Care! Candace blames her mother for her problems and confronts her on Jeremy's stage. Wed, February 27 2013
E107 Will I Ever Find Out Who the Father of My Baby Is? Amanda has her best friend's brother tested to see if he is her baby's father. Tue, February 26 2013
E106 The Wedding's off if You Slept With My Friend! Martina suspects that her boyfriend slept with her former friend. Mon, February 25 2013
E105 If You Cheated, You'll Lose Your Family! Latrisha says she will leave her children's father if he fails any part of his lie-detector test. Fri, February 22 2013
E104 Why Would Your Mother Say I'm Not the Dad When You Say I Am? Isaac and Jacrazia had a one-night stand, and now he wants to know whether he is her baby's father. Thu, February 21 2013
E103 Stopped From Seeing All My Children ... I'm Not a Bad Dad! All five of James' "baby mamas" refuse to allow him to have relationships with his children. Wed, February 20 2013
E102 Go Back to Rehab and Get Your Four Children Back! Allison's daughter has lost her children because she is addicted to heroin. Tue, February 19 2013
E101 I Don't Make My Ex Pay to See His Kid! Courtney wants her ex to step up and be a dad or leave her and her daughter alone. Mon, February 18 2013
E100 I'll Prove My Mother Knew I Was Being Abused Davetta says her mother knew about her being abused as a child but never did anything about it. Fri, February 15 2013
E99 The Wedding Is off if My Fiancee Is Cheating! Roger suspects that his fiancee's best friend is hooking her up with men on the side. Thu, February 14 2013
E98 Confession ... I Threw My Baby in a Dumpster at 2 Months Old! Yvonne confesses to her daughter that, when she was an infant, she threw her in the trash to die. Wed, February 13 2013
E97 I Can't Trust You With Our Daughter: You Tried to Kidnap Her! Kahlilah wants her ex and his fiancee to stay out of her 7-year-old's life. Tue, February 12 2013
E96 Stop Pretending Your Baby Is My Brother's!; How Could Another Woman Describe My Husband's Naked Body? Jermaine says the instant he saw Lateah's baby he knew his brother was not the father. Mon, February 11 2013
E95 You Won't Get Any Money if the Babies Aren't Mine Terry says his ex is trying to pin her baby on him in order to collect his military benefits. Fri, February 08 2013
E94 I Will Only Pay for a Child That Is Mine -- Test That Baby Again!; I'll Prove I Haven't Cheated With Your Brother, Best Friend or Neighbor Eddie thinks his previous DNA test was faulty. Thu, February 07 2013
E93 I Didn't Sleep With 500 Men ... I'll Prove This Baby Is Yours Mo denies Amanda's baby is his. Wed, February 06 2013
E92 I'll Prove I Had Your Husband's Baby! Jaqui is sick and tired of dealing with her ex's wife, who insists that Jaqui's baby is not his. Tue, February 05 2013
E91 Is a Convicted Child Molester My Baby's Father? Christina wants her ex-boyfriend to start paying child support. Mon, February 04 2013
E90 Did My Murdered Son Have a Baby?; If You're Still Cheating With Your Ex, Prove Your Baby Is Mine! Cheryl says a strange woman showed up at her son's funeral saying she is the mother of his child. Fri, February 01 2013
E89 I Hope You're Not My Baby's Father Because You Got Another Girl Pregnant Jerry says his ex has never given him a straight answer about whether he is the father of her child. Thu, January 31 2013
E88 You Let Our Two-Year-Old Son Play With a Loaded Gun! Amber says her ex is an unfit parent who cannot be trusted to keep the children safe in his care. Wed, January 30 2013
E87 You Forced Me to Have a Baby, but You Refuse to Take Care of Him Deborah says her ex-boyfriend refuses to take care of the child he desperately wanted. Tue, January 29 2013
E86 Stop Beating Your Wife, Just Divorce Her! Vicki says Chuck beat her best friend so badly that she ended up in the hospital. Mon, January 28 2013
E85 I Got You Pregnant, but You Robbed Me! Robert refuses to have a relationship with Samora's daughter, conceived from a one-night stand. Fri, January 25 2013
E84 I Won't Let My Ex See Our Kids Matt says his children's mother has a drug problem and her boyfriends have mistreated the children. Thu, January 24 2013
E83 Take the Lie Detector Test: You Gave My Daughter an STD! Parents make their daughter's boyfriend take a polygraph test. Wed, January 23 2013
E82 Leave My Daughter: You Gave Her an STD! Tonya says her daughter's boyfriend refuses to accept responsibility for his actions. Tue, January 22 2013
E81 My Mother Thinks My Baby Is Too Dark To Be My Fiance's; I'll Prove I'm Not Meeting Women on Chat Lines Teen Heather says a 41-year-old man is the father of her baby. Mon, January 21 2013
E80 My Mom Gave Me Drugs at 14 Years Old! Jennifer says her mother forced her to live in crack houses and brought strange men home for sex. Fri, January 18 2013
E79 Your Son Has Cancer -- Start Being a Dad! Crystal confronts her ex-boyfriend about never meeting or seeing his 7-year-old son. Thu, January 17 2013
E78 I Lied About One Baby, but I'll Prove the Other One Was Yours Learning that she lied about him being the father of one child, he insists on testing the other. Wed, January 16 2013
E77 How Could a Mother Abandon Her Kids for Three Years? Angel says Suzanne is a selfish, neglectful con artist who does not deserve to be a mother. Tue, January 15 2013
E76 I Refuse to Let You See Your Teenage Daughter ... You Hit Her in the Face! Chris says he hit his daughter in the face because she was disrespectful. Mon, January 14 2013
E75 Every Time I Go to the Bathroom, My Boyfriend Thinks I'm Cheating! Valerie takes a lie-detector test to prove to her boyfriend that she is not cheating on him. Fri, January 11 2013
E74 My Ex Says My Baby Is Too Fat to Be His: Lie-Detector Results Keith denies Stephanie's claim that he cheated on his new wife with her. Thu, January 10 2013
E73 My Ex Says My Baby Is Too Fat to Be His Stephanie says her ex never doubted he was the father of their children until he met his new wife. Wed, January 09 2013
E72 Just Because the Baby Is White Does Not Mean She's Mine! Wes wants to know if he is the father of the baby of his cheating girlfriend. Tue, January 08 2013
E71 My Daughter Locks Up Her Children So She Can Have Sex With Strangers Kathy says her daughter chooses men over her responsibilities as a mother. Mon, January 07 2013
E70 Best of: DNA Results Revisiting DNA test-results stories, including "You Slept With Two Men in the Same Night." Fri, January 04 2013
E69 Best of: Cheating Revisiting four interesting "Jeremy Kyle Show" cheating stories. Thu, January 03 2013
E68 Best of: Family Conflict Revisiting four family-conflict stories involving sex, lies, drugs and shocking confessions. Wed, January 02 2013
E67 My Brother Went to Prison for Beating My Daughter Martha says her brother choked her daughter and verbally abuses her other children. Wed, December 19 2012
E66 After 34 Years, Prove You're My Wife's Dad! A man says his wife cries constantly about her absent father. Mon, December 17 2012
E65 My Best Friend's Teenage Son Is the Father of My Baby! A woman betrays her best friend by sleeping with the friend's teenage son. Wed, December 12 2012
E64 DNA Test My Daughter Because My Girlfriend Is a Secret Prostitute He wants to know if she is being paid to have sex with other men and if he is her baby's father. Tue, December 11 2012
E63 I'd Rather Go to Jail Than Pay for My Child Aaron says he is the third man that has had to pay child support for his 8-year-old. Mon, December 10 2012
E62 You Begged Me to Get Pregnant, and Now You Refuse to See Your Son! Amy says her ex tried to run over her with his truck and is never there for their 6-year-old son. Wed, December 05 2012
E61 I Proved the Baby's Yours, Now Start Being a Father! A deadbeat dad must step up to the plate or face losing the child forever. Tue, December 04 2012
E60 A Family Torn Apart for 25 Years. Will We Reunite Today? A former drug-dealer wants to reconnect with the children whose custody he lost. Mon, December 03 2012
E59 I'm Here to Prove You're Not My Father! Bobbi-Jo says Ernie is nothing but a sperm donor and she hopes he is not her biological father. Fri, November 30 2012
E58 Should I Marry a Woman Who Stabbed Me in the Chest? He says his girlfriend is physically and verbally abusive to him and has stabbed him twice. Thu, November 29 2012
E57 I'll Prove I'm a Good Dad and Then I'll Take Your Babies! Jimmy says his pregnant girlfriend has gotten him and his children kicked out of their homes. Wed, November 28 2012
E56 You Stole My Kids: Today I'll Get Them Back! Belinda says her ex-boyfriend took her children while she was out of town. Tue, November 27 2012
E55 You'll Never Get Your Kids Back! I'm Their Mom Now! Wanda says her boyfriend's ex-girlfriend abandoned her own children. Mon, November 26 2012
E54 Even Though I'm in a Rock Band, I'll Prove I'm Not a Cheater! Evelyn thinks her boyfriend is cheating on her with one of his rock-band groupies. Fri, November 23 2012
E53 Two Children, Three Potential Dads: DNA Results! Sally says her ex needs to step up and be a father to their girls. Wed, November 21 2012
E52 My Ex Won't Let Me See My Kids Because She Hates My New Wife! Johann says his children's mother refuses to let them spend time with him. Tue, November 20 2012
E51 My Mother Made My Rapist Babysit Me! Sisters say their mother abused them for years, then threw them away. Mon, November 19 2012
E50 You Left Me for Another Woman: Lie Detector Results! Anthony's new wife learns whether or not he cheated on her with his children's mother, Shallanda. Fri, November 16 2012
E49 You Left Me for Another Woman, Now You Refuse to See Your Children! Shallanda wants her deadbeat ex to pay child support and spend time with his four children. Thu, November 15 2012
E48 Get Out of My House ... You Are Ruining My Daughter's Life! A woman says that since her son-in-law got out of jail, he has turned her home into a nightmare. Wed, November 14 2012
E47 I Slept With Two Men in the Same Night, but Which One Is My Baby's Dad? A child has two daddies because her mother hooked up with two men in one night. Tue, November 13 2012
E46 I Think My Daughter Is Secretly Selling Her Body The mother and sister of a 20-year-old stripper confront her to find out if she is prostituting. Mon, November 12 2012
E45 I've Been on the Run for 10 Years, but I'm Back Today to Prove I'm Your Dad! A man pulled a gun on his unfaithful wife and disappeared for 10 years. Fri, November 09 2012
E44 I'll Divorce My Husband if He Doesn't Go to Rehab! Brittany confronts her husband about his addiction to prescription painkillers. Thu, November 08 2012
E43 My Husband Needs to Choose: Me or His Mistress! Taneshia confronts her husband's mistress, who has a history of going after Taneshia's men. Wed, November 07 2012
E42 I'll Prove I'm Not Sleeping With My Stepdad! Tiera is furious because her mother is accusing her of sleeping with her stepfather. Tue, November 06 2012
E41 Sex, Lies and Shocking Confessions! Wendy says her boyfriend often sneaks out of the house in the middle of the night. Mon, November 05 2012
E40 I'm Scared of My Violent Ex, So I Don't See My Daughter Devonn says he does not spend time with his child, because her mother stabbed him in the head. Fri, November 02 2012
E39 Today Is the Last Day You Will Ever See Your Kids Nicole says her ex-boyfriend makes crystal methamphetamine and beat her while she was pregnant. Thu, November 01 2012
E38 I Refuse to Be Your Baby's Dad, Even if the DNA Test Proves That I Am Kasheem says his ex-mistress has stalked, harassed and threatened him for the past three years. Wed, October 31 2012
E37 I Want You out of My Life, but I Want You in My Kids' Lives Shafawn wants her verbally abusive ex-boyfriend to spend more time with their child. Tue, October 30 2012
E36 Is My Girlfriend Sleeping With Her Own Brother? He wants his girlfriend to take a lie-detector test to prove she is not sleeping with her brother. Mon, October 29 2012
E35 How Could You Force Your Daughter to Sell Drugs? Cheryl says her daughter is an absentee mom and wants her to sign over her parental rights. Fri, October 26 2012
E34 I Hope My Boyfriend Is the Father, Not My Husband! If the DNA test proves that her husband is not her baby's father, she will leave him. Thu, October 25 2012
E33 My Evil Stepmom Won't Let Me See My Dad!; I Was a Bad Mom: Get Over It! Jordyn says her stepmother is a bad influence on her siblings and does not let her see her father. Wed, October 24 2012
E32 You Beat Me While I Was Pregnant Yvette says her unborn baby's father viciously beat her; he wants a DNA test. Tue, October 23 2012
E31 Today I Will Pass the Lie-Detector Test and Win Back My Family Charles wants to take a lie-detector test to prove that he has never cheated on Jackie. Mon, October 22 2012
E30 My Mom Put Me in a Dumpster at 2 Months Old: Lie-Detector Results! Yvonne takes a lie-detector test to prove that she did not throw her baby in a trash bin to die. Fri, October 19 2012
E29 My Mom Put Me in a Dumpster at 2 Months Old! Shavonne says her mother threw her in a trash bin to die when she was two months old. Thu, October 18 2012
E28 I Won't Let You Kidnap My Grandson! A grandmother fears that her daughter's ex-boyfriend will kidnap his son. Wed, October 17 2012
E27 Your Fiance Got Me Pregnant ... And We Will Be a Family! Chantel says her baby's father's fiancee is standing in the way of the family's happiness. Tue, October 16 2012
E26 I Saw You Cheat: That Baby Is Not My Brother's! A guest takes a paternity test to prove whether his ex-girlfriend's child is his. Mon, October 15 2012
E25 My Wife Slept With My Best Friend, but Who's the Father of Her Baby? A man confronts his friend who had an affair with his wife and may be the father of unborn baby. Fri, October 12 2012
E24 Admit You're a Bad Mom and You Don't Know Who My Father Is! A 17-year-old wants to know her real father's identity. Thu, October 11 2012
E23 You Stole My Daughter ... Give Her Back! A woman detests the relationship her ex-husband's new wife has with her daughter. Wed, October 10 2012
E22 Double DNA -- If They're My Grandchildren, I Want Custody! A woman requests a DNA test for her three-year-old granddaughter. Tue, October 09 2012
E21 You're 41-Years-Old, Stop Having Sex With My 16-Year-Old Daughter; How Can I Cheat When I'm a Prisoner in My Own Home? A father confronts the 41-year-old boyfriend of his teenage daughter. Mon, October 08 2012
E20 Dump Your Boyfriend and Be a Single Mom Sherry wants her daughter to stop seeing her boyfriend and start raising their baby by herself. Fri, October 05 2012
E19 Stop Denying Me and Your Grandchild Josephine and Bert want to know if their son is the father of his fiancee's baby. Thu, October 04 2012
E18 If You Slept With My Friend, the Wedding Is Off Billy Jo wants her fiance, Brad, to take a lie detector test. Wed, October 03 2012
E17 How Can I Be the Father to Your White Baby? The Results! Results of a lie detector test determine whether Dwayne cheated on Natalie. Tue, October 02 2012
E16 Admit You Beat My Daughter A mother is fearful something bad will happen to her daughter or grandchildren. Mon, October 01 2012
E15 I Divorced My Abusive Husband, but He Still Needs to Be a Dad A woman wants her violent, abusive ex-husband to remain part of their children's lives. Fri, September 28 2012
E14 We'll Prove That Your Baby Is Not Part of Our Family! Women say a family member is supporting a child who is not his. Thu, September 27 2012
E13 Did a Threesome Destroy Our Relationship? A woman regrets having a threesome with her boyfriend and her best friend. Wed, September 26 2012
E12 Why Does Our Baby Look Like Your New Boyfriend? A woman insists that a guest's brother is the father of her child. Tue, September 25 2012
E11 My Father Is Not a Rapist: You Are Not My Sister A guest tells a woman that her father, now deceased, raped her mother years ago. Mon, September 24 2012
E10 My Mom Pimped Me Out at 16 Years Old A woman says her mother forced her into prostitution as a teen in order to feed her drug habit. Fri, September 21 2012
E9 I've Kidnapped My Daughter and You Won't Get Her Back! A woman says she was forced to kidnap her daughter because she was being abused. Thu, September 20 2012
E8 America's Worst Moms? You'll Never Get Your Kids Back! A guest has been raising his girlfriend's grandchildren for 10 years. Wed, September 19 2012
E7 You Told Two Men They Were the Father. Who's the Real Dad? A man takes a DNA test in an attempt to prove he is the father of his former girlfriend's son. Tue, September 18 2012
E6 I Won't Have Sex for Child Support A woman says her ex-boyfriend, Fido, demands sexual favors in exchange for child support. Mon, September 17 2012
E5 Did You Sell My Baby? A man says his girlfriend sold their infant son to a woman who lives in another state. Fri, September 14 2012
E4 Fail the Drug Test and You'll Never See Your Kids Again! A stepgrandmother has had custody of children ever since the parents tested positive for drugs. Thu, September 13 2012
E3 Stop Beating My Teen Daughter! A teen is caught in a brutally abusive relationship with the father of her child. Wed, September 12 2012
E2 Accept Your Dad's Dead and I'm With Your Mom Now A son feels that his mother's boyfriend is disrespecting him and his father's memory. Tue, September 11 2012
E1 My Ex Disowned His Son When He Got a New Family A 12-year-old boy is desperate for a relationship with the father who abandoned him. Mon, September 10 2012
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