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E6 Isosceles Love Triangle Eggers sets her sights on John as her date for a big Halloween party. Wed, October 30 1996
E4 The Blues Traveller John must pick up Ray Charles at the airport before his performance at the bar. Wed, October 09 1996
E3 Bathing With Ernest Hemingway John enlists Eggers as his fitness trainer; Carly enrolls in a literature class. Wed, October 02 1996
E2 Mother of the Year Mahalia's Mother of the Year award prompts a child-custody battle. Wed, September 25 1996
E1 Untying the Knot Pregnant Catherine moves in with newlyweds John and Carly. Wed, September 18 1996
E7 Napping to Success John's son Tony is hired as his boss; Eggers dates a man who claims to be God.
E8 Cheeses H. Taste! John's problems with an appliance store create havoc with his finances.
E9 When Yussel Learned to Yodel John embarks on an ill-advised additional career as a nighttime radio music reviewer.
E12 Pandora's Box Carly's past intimidates John during their honeymoon.
E5 Copies John puts on a play about his childhood; guest Jimmie Walker.
E11 Friends John and Hampton go on a disastrous hunting trip; Mahalia thinks that everyone forgot her birthday.
E10 Humble Pi The bus station personnel are forced to take an intelligence test.
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