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Ep Show Details Original Date & Time Channel
E14 The Thirsty Penguin Mon, January 05 2004
E13 Penny Comes to Stay Buster wants to make Penny's stay as special as possible. Wed, December 17 2003
E12 Sammy's Bumpy Ride Sammy discovers an old section of railway track down a disused road. Wed, December 03 2003
E11 Ned the Policeman Wed, November 26 2003
E10 Lolly Comes to Town Mitzi, Alice and Archie hear the tune from an ice cream van. Mon, November 24 2003
E9 Archie's Tooth Thu, September 11 2003
E8 What Mitzi Wants Mitzi wants a toy carousel from Sammy's shop. Wed, September 10 2003
E7 Ned's Scary Night Ned is frightened of the noises the wind makes during the night. Tue, September 09 2003
E6 Alice Can't Remember Alice hopes the Koala Brothers can help her remember something important. Mon, September 08 2003
E5 Josie's Big Jump Josie makes excuses not to go skipping with Mitzi. Fri, September 05 2003
E4 A Letter for George The postman rarely gets a letter. Thu, September 04 2003
E3 The Thirsty Penguin The Koala Brothers meet a little Penguin backpacker in the outback. Wed, September 03 2003
E2 Sea Captain Ned Ned decides he wants to be a sea captain when he finds an old rowboat. Tue, September 02 2003
E1 Archie's New Home Mon, September 01 2003