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E13 Privileged The law firm's carefully hidden secrets all come to light. Fri, April 01 2005
E12 Beach House Jack Turner's firm defends a young playboy accused in a case of hit-and-run. Fri, March 25 2005
E11 Duty to Save Jack discovers the truth about Zero Tech; Grant defends a woman who was fired from her job. Fri, March 18 2005
E10 Blood Jack Turner faces the grand jury in the Zero Tech case and says he is innocent. Fri, March 11 2005
E9 The Fifth A man and his son meet when the son is accused of planning a terrorist act. Fri, March 04 2005
E8 The Quantum Theory Schizophrenic computer-programmer is being sued by his employer. Fri, February 18 2005
E7 Separation Anxiety Thu, October 28 2004
E6 Ex Defending an FBI agent charged with espionage, Jack faces off against an ex-lover in court. Sun, November 30 2003
E5 Trick or Treat A serial killer taunts Jack on Halloween with secret information. Sun, October 26 2003
E4 Hubris Jack represents a friend in a securities fraud case; a detective gives Jack a tip. Sun, October 19 2003
E3 Things She Said Jack represents a female executive accused of sexual harassment. Sun, October 12 2003
E2 The Other Side of Caution Jack settles in as managing partner at his former law firm; Riley defends a teenager. Sun, October 05 2003
E1 Pilot Maverick Jack Turner becomes managing partner at a 150-year-old law firm. Sun, September 28 2003
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