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E28 Snowmageddon Tue, December 24 2013
E27 Operation: Swap-anzee Private wears a monkey suit disguise in order to take a trip to the moon. Sat, December 01 2012
E26 Good Night and Good Chuck Sat, November 10 2012
E25 Marble Jar Head Sat, November 10 2012
E24 Skipper Makes Perfect Skipper plans to break into the Danish embassy to clear out the file they have on him. Sat, November 03 2012
E23 Best Laid Plantains King Julien sneaks into the gorilla habitat when Bada and Bing receive a shipment of plantains. Sat, November 03 2012
E22 Private and the Winky Factory Private is upset that his favorite snack cake is no longer being made. Sun, July 29 2012
E21 P.E.L.T. Sun, July 29 2012
E20 Siege the Day Sun, June 17 2012
E19 Mental Hen Sun, June 17 2012
E18 The Terror of Madagascar A cute baby fossa arrives, which King Julien sees as a lemur-eating predator. Sun, June 10 2012
E17 Nuts to You Fred finds an oak tree that is full of acorns and seeks financial advice from King Julien. Sun, June 10 2012
E16 High Moltage Private starts molting on opening day of his favorite action star's movie. Sun, June 03 2012
E15 A Kipper for Skipper Skipper agrees to give a day off to the first penguin who can bring him a kipper. Sun, June 03 2012
E14 Nighty Night Ninja Leonard the koala is brainwashed by ninja movies. Sun, May 27 2012
E13 Street Smarts Sun, May 27 2012
E12 Showdown on Fairway 18 Sun, May 20 2012
E11 Antics on Ice Sun, May 20 2012
E10 Littlefoot Each time Marlene leaves the zoo she becomes a feral monster. Sun, May 13 2012
E9 Smotherly Love A mother possum takes up residence in the penguins' lair, smothering them with love. Sun, May 13 2012
E8 Love Takes Flightless Shelly falls in love with Rico when he saves her from some drying cement. Sun, May 06 2012
E7 Hair Apparent The Commissioner's toupee blows off and sticks to Maurice. Sun, May 06 2012
E6 Operation: Big Blue Marble Sun, April 22 2012
E5 Thumb Drive Fri, April 20 2012
E4 Action Reaction Skipper is doused with Inflatium and stress causes him to blow up like a balloon. Thu, April 19 2012
E3 The Otter Woman Marlene's fur is bleached when Alice over-chlorinates the otter habitat. Wed, April 18 2012
E2 King Me Clemson returns with a document to prove that King Julien was not born in Madagascar. Tue, April 17 2012
E1 Feline Fervor When King Julien is bounced out of his kingdom, an elderly woman thinks he is a cat and adopts him. Mon, April 16 2012
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