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E20 The Inner Sense Jarod's investigation leads him to a man planning to bomb a subway. Sat, May 13 2000
E19 The Inner Sense Jarod's sister is attacked, and a subway bomber may be responsible. Sat, May 13 2000
E18 Corn Man Jarod follows a video trail left by a missing woman and daughter. Sat, May 06 2000
E17 Meltdown Jarod poses as thief when a girl is killed during a heist by hired criminals. Sat, April 29 2000
E16 School Daze Jarod poses as a sixth-grade teacher to protect a young murder-witness. Sat, April 22 2000
E15 Junk Jarod helps a woman kick a drug habit so she may regain custody of her son. Sat, March 25 2000
E14 The Agent of Year Zero Jarod becomes an immigration officer to investigate a Cambodian refugee's (Tzi Ma) past. Sat, March 11 2000
E13 Ghosts From the Past Jarod infiltrates a white-supremacist group to prevent action against a black church. Sat, February 26 2000
E12 Lifeline Jarod comes to the aid of an undercover federal agent out to nab a gun dealer. Sat, February 19 2000
E11 Cold Dick Jarod becomes a private investigator to save a Las Vegas showgirl in trouble with the mob. Sat, February 12 2000
E10 Spin Doctor Jarod poses as a Secret Service agent to find out who killed a good friend. Sat, February 05 2000
E9 'Til Death Do Us Part A tip from Jarod may unravel the murder of Miss Parker's boyfriend. Sat, January 15 2000
E8 Rules of Engagement Jarod plays negotiator when an ex-con and his brother take hostages. Sat, January 08 2000
E7 Wild Child Jarod poses as a doctor to help a person who grew up alone in the wilderness. Sat, December 11 1999
E6 Extreme Jarod investigates a bungee-jumper's near-fatal fall. Sat, December 04 1999
E5 Road Trip Jarod becomes infatuated with a mysterious woman who is hiding a terrible secret. Sat, November 13 1999
E4 Risque Business Jarod becomes a sex therapist to investigate a brutal assault on a doctor. Sat, November 06 1999
E3 Angel's Flight Jarod encounters a charismatic illusionist with a cult of young followers. Sat, October 30 1999
E2 Survival Jarod becomes a military investigator to avenge an officer's death. Sat, October 02 1999
E1 The World's Changing Jarod is imprisoned but escapes; a gunshot puts Miss Parker in the hospital. Sat, September 25 1999
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