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E20 Paradise Regained Danielle confronts Alex; George makes an antidote for GC-161. Thu, January 15 1998
E19 Paradise Lost Danielle gets FDAS approval for GC-161 as a weight-loss drug; the Mack family is captured. Tue, January 13 1998
E18 24 Hours A girl gains super powers after being doused with a secret chemical. Thu, December 04 1997
E17 Without Feathers Alex and Hunter arrange for Louis to meet Hannah; Ray becomes a pepper grinder. Tue, December 02 1997
E16 Lies and Secrets Hunter misses a date with Alex; Hunter searches for a kid involved with the GC-161 accident. Tue, November 25 1997
E15 Friendly Fire Robyn moves in with Alex; Ray and Louis learn to work together. Thu, November 20 1997
E14 The Return A mysterious boy returns to Paradise Valley; Danielle blackmails a board member. Tue, November 18 1997
E13 Things Change Ray gets a girlfriend; a broke Dave considers giving up Alex for some cash. Thu, November 06 1997
E12 The Band Ray, Louis and Alex form a band; Robyn gets dating advice from Kelly. Tue, November 04 1997
E11 The Doctor Alex fears her altered body chemistry will be discovered at her doctor's appointment. Tue, October 28 1997
E10 Senora Garcia Alex struggles with the idea that she got the Spanish teacher fired. Thu, October 23 1997
E9 Leaving As Annie prepares for college, a bittersweet realization comes over Alex and her sister. Tue, October 21 1997
E8 The Storm Alex and Annie reminisce about sisterhood and superpowers. Thu, October 16 1997
E7 The Switch Alex and Barbara accidentally switch bodies. Tue, October 14 1997
E6 Foot Fault Louis catches Alex's zapper on film; George fears bowling. Thu, October 09 1997
E5 Oscar Alex rescues a chimp; Annie tells George about GC-161. Tue, October 07 1997
E4 Ashley Aunt Ashley and Alex go on a wild go-cart ride and Barbara is forced to get tough with them. Thu, October 02 1997
E3 Camping Alex and Kelly get lost in the woods after Alex is appointed junior camp counselor. Tue, September 30 1997
E2 Green Day Alex's environmental group tangles with Wayne's Wigwam. Thu, September 25 1997
E1 Driving Alex helps Louis; George helps Kramer. Tue, September 23 1997
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