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E24 A Walton's Family Reunion "A Walton's Family Reunion" brings together the cast of the beloved series. Mon, October 18 2010
E23 A Walton's Family Reunion "A Walton's Family Reunion" brings together the cast of the beloved series. Mon, October 18 2010
E22 The Revel The residents of Walton's Mountain prepare themselves for a gala. Thu, June 04 1981
E21 The Hostage A backwoodsman kidnaps Elizabeth after Mary Ellen disrupts his plans to marry a 14-year-old girl. Thu, May 28 1981
E20 The Lumberjack A charming new lumberjack captures Erin's attention but alienates her brothers. Thu, May 21 1981
E19 The Heartache Rose's happiness with Stanley is threatened. Thu, May 14 1981
E18 The Indiscretion Ike is served divorce papers and Elizabeth's romance gets too difficult to handle. Thu, May 07 1981
E17 The Threshhold Jim-Bob builds a TV set so the family can see John Boy's experimental television project. Thu, April 02 1981
E16 The Victims Mary Ellen and Erin become involved when a young local woman is brutalized by her husband. Thu, March 19 1981
E15 The Pearls Corabeth tries to stop her estranged sister from taking her dying aunt's coveted pearls. Thu, March 12 1981
E14 The Beginning A new minister comes to the Walton's Mountain church and helps Jason and Toni. Thu, March 05 1981
E13 The Gold Watch Rose's beau from the past returns to Walton's Mountain carrying a strange secret. Thu, February 26 1981
E12 The Hot Rod Jim-Bob and Jody return from the service. Thu, February 19 1981
E11 The Carousel Cindy searches for her birth parents when she finds out that she was adopted. Thu, February 12 1981
E10 The Tempest Mary Ellen finds her husband, Curt, in Florida. Thu, February 05 1981
E9 The Whirlwind Mary Ellen gets the news that Curt is still alive just as she is about to remarry. Thu, January 22 1981
E8 The Move Ben returns home from the service with plans to study engineering. Thu, January 15 1981
E7 The Last Ten Days The Waltons await word of the Japanese surrender. Thu, January 08 1981
E6 The Pursuit An old flame claims to carry Jim-Bob's baby. Thu, January 01 1981
E5 The Premonition Cindy has a series of nightmare premonitions about Ben, who is serving in the Seabees. Thu, December 25 1980
E4 The Triumph Jason and a member of his squad must deal with the question of killing. Thu, December 18 1980
E3 The Pledge Mary Ellen is more determined than ever to become a doctor after losing a favorite patient. Thu, December 04 1980
E2 The Outrage At the White House, John voices an impassioned plea for an accused man's innocence. Thu, November 27 1980
E1 The Outrage John tries to help a man accused of a crime he never committed. Thu, November 27 1980