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E24 The Night of the Plague Rescuing a governor's daughter from stagecoach robbers exposes West to plague; guest Lana Wood. Fri, April 04 1969
E23 The Night of the Tycoon A plot threatens the directors of a corporation owned by a woman; guest Jo Van Fleet. Fri, March 28 1969
E22 The Night of the Cossacks A Russian prince races a desperate foe to recover a religious icon; guest Nina Foch. Fri, March 21 1969
E21 The Night of the Bleak Island West visits an eerie island to get a diamond for the National Museum; guest Beverly Garland. Fri, March 14 1969
E20 The Night of the Diva A temperamental diva (Patrice Munsel) is kidnapped at a New Orleans performance. Fri, March 07 1969
E19 The Night of the Pistoleros Gordon and West head to a lonely outpost to battle a terrorist gang. Fri, February 21 1969
E18 The Night of the Janus A melody holds the clue West needs to trap a departmental traitor; guest Jack Carter. Fri, February 14 1969
E17 The Night of the Sabatini Death A dying man asks West to preserve a legacy for his young ward. Fri, February 07 1969
E16 The Night of the Winged Terror West's bizarre behavior indicates he is under Raven's control. Fri, January 24 1969
E15 The Night of the Winged Terror The organization Raven, through mind control, forces influential people to commit sabotage. Fri, January 17 1969
E14 The Night of the Spanish Curse Gordon and West pursue a mysterious outlaw band terrorizing New Mexican towns. Fri, January 10 1969
E13 The Night of the Pelican Jim uncovers a plot to use rockets to control shipping in the Bay area. Fri, January 03 1969
E12 The Night of Miguelito's Revenge Dr. Loveless returns with a scheme to commit wholesale homicide; guest Charles Aidman. Fri, December 13 1968
E11 The Night of the Avaricious Actuary A scientist (Harold Gould) employs a gigantic tuning fork in an extortion scheme. Fri, December 06 1968
E10 The Night of the Camera A meek agent (Pat Paulsen) becomes a big help in dealing with an opium ring. Fri, November 29 1968
E9 The Night of Fire and Brimstone Gordon and West must intercept a fortune raised to revive the Confederacy; guest Dabbs Greer. Fri, November 22 1968
E8 The Night of the Egyptian Queen Gordon and West search for an Egyptian princess's ruby; guest Tom Troupe. Fri, November 15 1968
E7 The Night of the Fugitive A town's residents hunt for Gordon and West in order to free the agents' prisoner. Fri, November 08 1968
E6 The Night of the Kraken Gordon and West seek a sea creature terrorizing Portuguese fishermen; guest Ford Rainey. Fri, November 01 1968
E5 The Night of the Gruesome Games Gordon and West invade an eccentric's (William Schallert) mansion to find a deadly germ culture. Fri, October 25 1968
E4 The Night of the Sedgewick Curse A physician (Jay Robinson) injects a rich family with a drug that causes rapid aging. Fri, October 18 1968
E3 The Night of the Juggernaut A man uses a steam-driven device to drive homesteaders off oil-rich land; guest Floyd Patterson. Fri, October 11 1968
E2 The Night of the Doomsday Formula A former Army general (Kevin McCarthy) tries to steal an explosives formula. Fri, October 04 1968
E1 The Night of the Big Blackmail A foreign diplomat tries to implicate the United States in a conspiracy; guest Harvey Korman. Fri, September 27 1968
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