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E14 Car Crushing, Lumberjacks and Skateboards Crushing cars; lumberjacking; skateboarding. Wed, October 28 2009
E13 Blue Men, Propellers, Big Bangs and Viewer Requests Blue Man Group; propellers; chemical reactions. Wed, October 21 2009
E12 Coasters, Cars, Cups and Cans Roller coasters; car stunts; sport stacking; paddleball. Wed, October 21 2009
E11 Big Cats and Mixed Martial Arts The team gets up close and personal with some big cats. Wed, June 24 2009
E10 Las Vegas: Warped Footage of the biggest stars and attractions in Las Vegas. Wed, June 17 2009
E9 Hot Stuff and Cold Steel Automatic weapons; throwing knives; tricks with fire. Wed, June 10 2009
E7 Goop, Goo, Glop and Germs Bathrooms; water drops; germs; food. Wed, May 27 2009
E8 Arrows, Dogs, Strong Men and Yo-Yos The extraordinary feats of the "Arrow Catcher." Wed, May 27 2009
E6 Snakes, Sumo and Bocks The team gets up close and personal with deadly snakes, sumo wrestlers and "powerbockers." Wed, May 13 2009
E5 Splashes, Guns and Bikes The team has a blast with some vintage machine guns. Wed, May 06 2009
E4 Metallica The team turns it up to 11 with Metallica. Wed, April 29 2009
E3 Air Bags, Sparks, Ropes and Rings The team blows up air bags and kitchen appliances. Wed, April 22 2009
E2 Slings, Rockets and Sticks Medieval catapult; rockets; stick fighting. Wed, April 15 2009
E1 Blades and Volts The time warp team takes to the skies with parachutes, blades and electricity. Wed, April 08 2009
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