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E13 Game of Mouse and Cat; Babysitting Blues; Catfish Folly The cat and mouse pull pranks, gags and get into escapades all around the globe. Sat, March 22 2008
E12 You're Lion; Kangadoofus; Monkey Chow The cat and mouse pull pranks, gags and get into escapades all around the globe. Sat, March 08 2008
E11 DJ Jerry; Kitty Cat Blues; Flamenco Fiasco Tom guards his owner's store, gives Jerry away as a gift, and enters a flamenco dance contest. Sat, February 09 2008
E10 Hockey Schtick; Snow Brawl; The Abominable Snowmouse Jerry engages Tom in a snowball fight that gets out of control. Sat, February 02 2008
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E9 Declaration of Independunce; Kitty Hawked; 24 Karat Kat Tom loses the Declaration of Independence when he makes it into a paper airplane. Sat, December 08 2007
E8 Bend It Like Thomas; Endless Bummer; Game, Set, Match Tom, Jerry, and Droopy take part in a surfing competition. Sat, December 01 2007
E7 Summer Squashing; League of Cats; Little Big Mouse Butch asks Tom to join a secret organization called the League of Cats. Sat, November 10 2007
E6 Xtreme Trouble; A Life Less Guarded; Sasquashed Tom and Jerry's chases using extreme sports equipment; Tom and Droopy compete for a job. Sat, November 03 2007
E5 Invasion of the Body Slammers; Monster Con; Over the River Tom uses some of Van Helsing's equipment to catch Jerry, but catches a few ghosts instead. Sat, October 27 2007
E4 Adventures in Penguin Sitting; Cat of Prey; Jungle Love Jerry and an escaped penguin become friends; Jerry is the star of the show at an ocean theme park. Sat, October 13 2007
E3 Don't Bring Your Pet to School; Cat Show Catastrophe, The Cat Whisperer Tom attends show-and-tell at school; Jerry and Nibbles try to ruin Tom's chances at a cat show. Sat, October 06 2007
E2 Zent Out of Shape; I Dream of Meanie; Which Witch Buddhist monk Tom tries to achieve inner peace; Spike, as a genie, must grant wishes. Sat, September 29 2007
E1 More Powers to You; Catch Me Though You Can't; Power Tom Tom must guard the power rings of a team of super-heroes; Jerry is zapped by a speed ray. Sat, September 22 2007
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