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E8 A male gymnast falls from the rings; fireworks; four-wheeler. Mon, August 21 2006
E7 A giant wave tips a boat; a motorcycle has a head-on collision; a golfer chases a rabbit. Fri, August 18 2006
E6 ATV driver; sky diver; independent film. Host: Lisa Dergan. Thu, August 17 2006
E5 A karate master tries to break wooden boards; tempers flare on a talk show. Mon, August 14 2006
E4 Dog show; angry elephant; stunt-driver tries a record-breaking jump. Tue, February 14 2006
E3 Extreme skier; an actor jumps into a lake when his pants catch fire; sky divers. Tue, February 07 2006
E2 Homemade catapult; motorcycle racer; car thief; a royal guard tries to dismount his horse. Tue, January 31 2006
E1 Taser accident. Tue, January 24 2006
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