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E22 The Internet Episode One of the characters may be pregnant. Wed, May 16 2001
E21 Should I Stay or Should I Go? Pete tries to prevent Ashley from moving; Berg is jealous when Irene starts dating. Wed, May 16 2001
E20 The Icewoman Cometh Katie pursues Berg when he breaks up with Irene; a speeding fire truck nearly hits Pete. Wed, May 09 2001
E19 The Love Boat Berg tries to win back Irene; Ashley invites Pete to a mixer. Wed, May 02 2001
E18 Make Mine Tea Berg tries to justify to Irene a secret date with Katie. Fri, March 09 2001
E17 Adventures of Captain Karma Berg tells Irene that he loves her; Pete and Ashley show up alone at the same movie theater. Fri, February 23 2001
E16 A Few Good Firemen Sharon has second thoughts after giving Johnny a gift certificate for his birthday. Fri, February 16 2001
E15 An Eye for a Finger Pete accidentally chops off his finger and Berg rushes him to the hospital. Fri, February 09 2001
E14 The Aftermath Pete's affair with Berg's mom threatens the guys' friendship. Fri, February 02 2001
E13 I've Got a Secret Berg discovers that his mother (Bo Derek) is having a fling with Pete. Fri, January 19 2001
E12 Give Mommy a Kiss Pete secretly has a romantic fling with Berg's mother (Bo Derek). Fri, January 12 2001
E11 Burning Down the House The newlyweds' home burns down. Fri, January 05 2001
E10 Rescue Me A news crew airs footage of Pete and Berg sitting idle while Sharon rescues a choking man. Fri, December 15 2000
E9 Drip Berg and Pete's place floods because of a broken valve in Ashley's apartment. Fri, December 08 2000
E8 My Dinner With Irene Jealous Berg invites himself on a date with Pete and Irene. Fri, November 24 2000
E6 The One Without Dialogue Pete falls for a beauty on a subway. Fri, November 10 2000
E7 Disco Nights Berg and Pete try to meet new women at a disco club. Fri, November 10 2000
E5 A Germ Runs Through It Sharon hires a cute contractor to remodel the house; Marti wants to break up with Pete. Fri, November 03 2000
E4 The Satanic Curses Irene curses Pete, Berg and Sharon for barring her from their Halloween party. Fri, October 27 2000
E3 Fifteen Minutes of Shame Ashley becomes the most hated woman in Boston; Pete jeopardizes his relationship with Marti. Fri, October 20 2000
E2 Meat Berg feels guilty for the way he treats Irene; Sharon and Johnny have a wild night. Fri, October 13 2000
E1 The Bear Pete plans a rendezvous with Marti, but encounters a bear. Fri, October 06 2000
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