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E55 I Want Half Richard is convinced that Keisha managed to set him up after he misses a court date. Wed, December 17 2014
E54 Fear of the Unknown Angela's doctor tries to convince her to complete a biopsy when a mass appears on her x-ray. Wed, December 10 2014
E53 The Mammogram Angela struggles to tell Marcus about the results of her mammogram. Wed, December 03 2014
E52 The Mammogram For Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Leslie talks the other women into getting a mammogram. Wed, November 26 2014
E51 What About Kids? Joseph waits until after proposing to tell Leslie that he does not want children anytime soon. Wed, November 19 2014
E50 Keisha, the Photographer Keisha wants to know if Richard is hiding any of his assets; she hires a photographer. Wed, November 12 2014
E49 Leslie, Joseph and the Prenup Joseph is not a punk; therefore, he asks Leslie to sign a prenuptial agreement. Wed, November 05 2014
E48 Please Say Yes Joseph tries to come up with a proposal idea for Leslie; he finds himself struggling. Wed, October 29 2014
E47 The Restraining Order Keisha retaliates by serving Richard with a restraining order; Marcus brings in an attorney. Wed, October 22 2014
E46 It's My House Richard does all he can to make sure that Keisha doesn't take everything that belongs to him. Wed, October 15 2014
E45 The Divorce Papers Fed up, Keisha moves out of the house after serving Richard with divorce papers. Wed, October 08 2014
E44 Shawn Todd discovers that the newly arrived Shawn is carrying his child, not Marcus'. Wed, October 01 2014
E43 Shawn A pregnant woman named Shawn claims that Marcus is the father of her unborn child. Wed, September 24 2014
E42 Too Much Sex Marcus accidentally takes canine fertility pills; Angela can only handle so much sex. Wed, September 17 2014
E41 Who's My Daddy Dominique runs away; Marcus and Keisha try to find her. Wed, June 11 2014
E40 Who's My Daddy Richard and Keisha admit that Marcus is not Dominique's father; Dominique overhears. Wed, June 04 2014
E39 For the Love of Dominique Keisha and Angela's argument ends Dominique's visit. Wed, May 28 2014
E38 Marcus and Dominique Keisha wants Marcus to see Dominique. Wed, May 21 2014
E37 The Taming of Todd Marcus thinks it's time for Todd to settle down; he sets Todd up on a blind date. Wed, May 14 2014
E36 The Proposal Joseph wants to propose to Leslie. Wed, May 14 2014
E35 Moving Day Leslie decorates Joseph's house with help from Angela and Jennifer. Wed, May 07 2014
E34 Todd and Jennifer Todd wakes up in Jennifer's bed after drinking the night before. Wed, May 07 2014
E33 How Many Women Angela and Leslie want to know how many past partners Marcus and Joseph have had. Wed, April 30 2014
E32 Joseph Gets Tested Leslie suggests that Joseph get tested for sexually transmitted diseases. Wed, April 30 2014
E31 Being Responsible Jennifer's fearful of getting tested for HIV. Wed, April 23 2014
E30 A Stalker for Hire Jennifer and the guys think Joseph hired Leslie's stalker. Wed, April 23 2014
E29 Reunited Joseph and Leslie work on their relationship. Wed, April 16 2014
E28 Joseph in Shining Armor Joseph takes Leslie to his house until her stalker is caught. Wed, April 09 2014
E27 Stalked Joseph saves Leslie. Wed, April 09 2014
E26 Stalked Joseph worries that Leslie's life is in danger. Wed, December 11 2013
E25 Sleep Talking Marcus is caught talking about another woman in his sleep. Wed, December 11 2013
E24 A Woman Scorned The ladies look back at past relationships. Wed, December 04 2013
E23 The Automatic Teller Machine Keisha and her new friend are caught. Wed, December 04 2013
E22 The Automatic Teller Machine Keisha meets a man named Eric while trapped inside an ATM room. Wed, November 27 2013
E21 The Uknown Caller Leslie is exasperated by an unknown caller. Wed, November 27 2013
E20 Keisha's Up to Something In spite, Keisha tells Joseph that Leslie's marriage is annulled. Wed, November 20 2013
E19 The Exam The guys endure colonoscopies and prostate exams to maintain their healthcare coverage. Wed, November 20 2013
E18 Stay Out of It Marcus tells Angela to stay out of Keisha's business; Angela meets with Keisha anyway. Wed, November 13 2013
E17 You're Under Arrest The guys appear to be missing; Angela, Leslie and Jennifer find them at the police station. Wed, November 13 2013
E16 You're Under Arrest Keisha feigns an attack on herself and has Marcus, Joseph, Richard and Todd incarcerated. Wed, November 06 2013
E15 Move the Money The guys move their accounts to another bank so Keisha won't have access to C-Sports finances. Wed, November 06 2013
E14 Trouble in Paradise Keisha tells Angela that the guys have a bevy of women at C-Sports Now. Wed, October 30 2013
E13 The Beauty Pageant In an effort to help distract Joseph, Todd starts a Miss C-Sports Now pageant. Wed, October 30 2013
E12 Annulled Leslie spots Keisha plotting with a divorce attorney when she officially annuls her marriage. Wed, October 23 2013
E11 Maybe We Made a Mistake When Chris invites Leslie over for dinner to 'talk', Leslie thinks he wants their marriage annulled. Wed, October 23 2013
E10 The Kiss Leslie tells Angela and Jennifer that she kissed Joseph. Wed, October 16 2013
E9 House for Sale Leslie prepares to show a house to a potential client, only to learn the client is Joseph. Wed, October 16 2013
E8 The Stalker Using one of her old calendars, Joseph begins to stalk Leslie. Wed, October 09 2013
E7 Back Down Memory Lane Angela tries to play a memory game with Marcus. Wed, October 09 2013
E6 Joseph Leslie is distressed when she returns from her honeymoon, having called Chris by Joseph's name. Wed, October 02 2013
E5 Leslie Christian Joseph has a meltdown after a phone call from a woman; Chris and Leslie need time apart. Wed, October 02 2013
E4 Can We Talk Joseph returns home during his recovery; Marcus learns that Angela invited Leslie and Chris. Wed, September 25 2013
E3 The Ex Richard apologizes to Marcus over his ordeals with Keisha; Joseph is released from the hospital. Wed, September 25 2013
E2 The Runaway Bride Keisha aggravates the tension between Chris and Leslie; Leslie has conflicted feelings. Wed, September 18 2013
E1 The Runaway Bride Leslie's worry over Joseph's motorcycle accident causes her to call off the wedding. Wed, September 18 2013
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