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E26 Reptile Rage A Florida alligator handler conducts an ill-advised move; an anaconda and a boa constrictor attack. Mon, May 10 2010
E25 Daring Rescues Elephants become trapped in an empty moat and an electric fence; a young dog falls down a well. Mon, May 03 2010
E24 Shark Games Four divers play tag with sharks with deadly consequences; a polo horse falls on its rider. Mon, April 26 2010
E23 Surprise Attacks Stories of close encounters with wild animals from the people who lived to tell about them. Fri, January 15 2010
E22 Angels & Demons An angel shark attacks a diver; a python strikes a researcher; a leopard is stuck in a well. Sun, December 27 2009
E21 Berlin Polar Bear Attack A woman jumps into a polar bear enclosure at the Berlin zoo; a bronco kicks a cowboy. Sun, December 27 2009
E20 Under My Skin A researcher in the Arctic circle is infested with botflies; a man running with the bulls falls. Sun, December 13 2009
E19 Mayhem & Miracles A co-pilot and passengers retell the story of the "Miracle on the Hudson" plane crash. Sun, November 29 2009
E18 Big Cats, Crashes & Carnage Man is attacked in a lion's den; a downed airplane hits a cow; a surfer dodges sharks for a wallaby. Sun, November 22 2009
E15 Cheating Death Sun, November 15 2009
E17 The Struggle For Survival A matador falters after attempting a daring maneuver. Sun, November 15 2009
E16 Costly Mistakes Sun, November 15 2009
E14 Railed, Jailed and Nailed A jockey's life hangs in the balance after a crash. Sat, November 07 2009
E13 Unlikely Heroes A 4-year-old child falls into a gorilla enclosure; a diver is bitten by a tiger shark. Sun, October 18 2009
E11 Rodeo Rampage Stories of close encounters with wild animals from the people who lived to tell about them. Sun, September 27 2009
E12 Cat-tastrophes Sun, September 27 2009
E10 Un-bear-able An earthquake endangers the panda population in China. Sun, September 20 2009
E9 Beware the Bite Fishermen on vacation catch a live shark. Thu, September 10 2009
E8 Beastly Headaches A humpback whale slams its tail into a cinematographer's head. Sun, August 23 2009
E7 The Wedding Crashers Panicked deer invade a beer store. Sun, August 16 2009
E6 Whale Watch A college student falls prey to a bull's wrath at the Running of the Bulls in Pamplona, Spain. Sun, August 09 2009
E5 Claws, Clashes, Chaos A wildlife photographer gets too close to a leopard. Sun, August 02 2009
E4 Sudden Peril Icelandic horses. Sat, July 25 2009
E3 Mother Nature's Nightmares A college student becomes prey to a bull in Pamplona. Sun, July 19 2009
E2 Heroes and Horror An anaconda attacks a wildlife documentarian. Sun, July 12 2009
E1 Teeth, Talons, Terror A white shark crashes into a shark cage, trapping divers. Sun, July 05 2009
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