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E8 Christmas Story Girl claiming to be Dan's daughter has note from mom.
E1 Aloha You're Dead Dan is kidnapped and ordered to murder Roth.
E6 A Deadly Victim Assassin kills a derelict who foiled a murder attempt.
E9 The Andreas Addiction Ex-addict injects Dan with heroin for revenge.
E5 Love Affair Dan unknowingly falls in love with a prostitute.
E17 Set Up Double date ends with Lt. Nelson framed for murder.
E3 Black Cat Killer A killer shoots Beatrice in her apartment.
E15 Time Bomb Men from Binzer's past return and demand $50,000.
E22 Nightmare Come True Dan reluctant to work with psychic on kidnapping case.
E19 Seek & Destroy Soviet agents try to destroy defecting Soviet pilot's jet.
E23 Judgement Pronounced Deranged man hires Dan Tanna double for murder.
E7 Deadly Blessing A nun wants to turn the Desert Inn into a convent.
E2 Aloha You're Dead Dan hunts down the leader of the conspiracy.
E21 French Twist French detective's case leads him to Las Vegas.
E16 Out of Sight Dan is blinded after being shot in the head by thugs.
E18 The Killing Was a robbery and shooting a cover-up for a hit?
E20 Dead Ringer Wayne Newton gets bomb with note in his handwriting.
E4 Sudden Death A burglar, carrying an air rifle, is killed by Dan.
E12 Backlash Mom's missing teenage daughter works for extortionists.
E14 No Way to Treat a Victim A man's dates wind up raped and sometimes murdered.
E10 Sourdough Suite A prospector rides off with cash and vital papers.
E13 Heist Dan stages a robbery to test Roth's security systems.
E11 Murder by Mirrors Bea sees a murder; police find no evidence of crime.
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