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E13 Helmholtz Resonance The Veritas team encounters a mysterious force that pits them against one another. Mon, April 19 2004
E12 Eternal Nikko and Solomon search for magical waters that may hold the key to everlasting life. Mon, April 12 2004
E11 The Lost Codex The Veritas team battles with Dorna for Leonardo da Vinci's lost diary. Mon, April 05 2004
E10 Avalon The Veritas team investigates a religious cult associated with unexplainable disappearances. Mon, March 29 2004
E9 Devil Child A young linguistic savant is accused of channeling the devil. Mon, March 22 2004
E8 Name of God The team protects a rabbi who can translate a relic linked to the Ten Commandments. Mon, March 15 2004
E4 Heist Juliet goes under cover to steal the ancient Sphere of Archimedes from a dangerous arms dealer. Mon, March 10 2003
E3 Skulls Solomon teams up with a tomb raider/scientist to recover a crystal skull once owned by Hitler. Mon, February 10 2003
E2 Antarctica The team's jet aircraft crashes in Antarctica, and Calvin's life is imperiled. Mon, February 03 2003
E1 Reunion A father-and-son team races to uncover a vessel that may reveal how civilization evolved. Mon, January 27 2003
E7 Mummy Virus The unearthing of an Incan mummy exposes Maggie to a deadly plague.
E5 Wheel of Dharma Vincent leads an expedition to the village in Tibet where he was raised.
E6 Sangraal A treasure hunter needs the team to help find the Holy Grail and ransom his kidnapped wife.
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