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E13 Holy Bees! Roman must over come his fear of bees when they swarm a small town church. Mon, December 07 2009
E12 They're Not Your Friends A mother gets a wake-up call when rats threaten her daughter; roaches invade a home. Thu, October 15 2009
E11 Mr. Whisker's Was a Rat A kitchen remodel reveals vermin behind the walls. Wed, September 30 2009
E10 Emergency! Closure! Mike faces an impossible deadline saving a restaurant. Wed, September 16 2009
E9 Lights! Camera! Vermin! Gary helps a movie director get over his fear of rats and spiders. Sun, September 13 2009
E8 Polly Wants Revenge JD tracks a raccoon; Mike searches for the source of a bedbug infestation. Fri, September 04 2009
E7 Deadly Desert Mike, Roman and Jamie run into a new breed of rat; the team takes on killer bees at a suburban home. Thu, August 27 2009
E6 Wild West Skunks A small town overrun with skunks. Thu, August 20 2009
E5 Bed Bugs Bite! Mike deals with a bed bug infested apartment complex; JD tracks a very large pest. Wed, August 19 2009
E4 Rats! Bats! Rats invade a vacant home; Mike and Roman help a woman with a bat issue. Wed, August 12 2009
E3 Gator Bait An alligator in a woman's backyard; rats invade an animal sanctuary. Wed, July 29 2009
E2 Roman Goes Vegan Roman faces a massive rat infestation; a female rookie tech is put to the test. Wed, July 22 2009
E1 Trial by Rat A family displaced by fire is ready to move into a new home only to learn it's infest with rats. Wed, July 15 2009
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