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E26 No Way Back Mr. Pem plans to use his time device to alter the course of history. Sun, March 31 1968
E25 The Death Clock A reactor explosion creates a bizarre fourth dimension of time and space. Sun, March 24 1968
E24 The Edge of Doom While en route to deliver a secret defense device, Nelson is warned there is an enemy agent aboard. Sun, March 17 1968
E23 Attack! Nelson, Crane and a peace-loving alien avert intergalactic war. Sun, March 10 1968
E22 Flaming Ice The Seaview travels to the polar icecap to find the reason for world-wide floods. Sun, March 03 1968
E21 Savage Jungle The crew battles an alien plot to overrun Earth with jungle growth. Sun, February 25 1968
E20 Man-Beast After a descent in the diving bell, Crane turns into a monster. Sun, February 18 1968
E19 Secret of the Deep Renegade scientists nearly sabotage a mission. Sun, February 11 1968
E18 The Abominable Snowman The crew of the Seaview travels to Antarctica to investigate the fate of a scientific expedition. Sun, February 04 1968
E17 Nightmare Aliens create an illusion of an attack on Washington, D.C. Sun, January 28 1968
E16 The Lobster Man The Seaview takes aboard a UFO containing a lobsterlike alien. Sun, January 21 1968
E15 The Terrible Leprechaun The crew matches wits with a malevolent leprechaun who's searching for buried gold. Sun, January 14 1968
E14 Return of Blackbeard Blackbeard the pirate plans to take over the Seaview and use it to continue his pillaging ways. Sun, December 31 1967
E13 Deadly Amphibians The leader of an amphibian race plans to capture the Seaview and harness its nuclear power. Sun, December 24 1967
E12 Blow Up An experimental breathing apparatus causes Nelson to act strangely. Sun, December 10 1967
E11 A Time to Die After experiencing a strange jolt, the Seaview surfaces to encounter prehistoric creatures. Sun, December 03 1967
E10 Terror A dying botanist tells Nelson that aliens will attack mankind in eight hours. Sun, November 26 1967
E9 Rescue The Seaview plays a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a mystery sub. Sun, November 19 1967
E8 Time Lock A man from the future plans to add Nelson to his group of zombie-like military officers. Sun, November 12 1967
E7 Fatal Cargo Nelson captures a giant white gorilla and brings it aboard. Sun, November 05 1967
E6 Man of Many Faces A scientist uses an electromagnetic field to draw the moon closer to Earth. Sun, October 29 1967
E5 Sealed Orders Hallucinations plague the Seaview men who are on a mission to deliver secret missile. Sun, October 22 1967
E4 Journey With Fear Nelson, Crane and Morton are transported to an alien planet. Sun, October 15 1967
E3 Cave of the Dead The Seaview encounters the ghostly Flying Dutchman. Sun, October 08 1967
E2 The Deadly Dolls A puppet master replaces the crew, one by one, with look-a-like puppets. Sun, October 01 1967
E1 Fires of Death The Seaview must control a volcano that could destroy the Southern Hemisphere. Sun, September 24 1967
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