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E11 Look On My Works, Ye Mighty Information is learned about Adrian Veidt, aka Ozymandias, as the world faces Armageddon. Tue, July 14 2009
E12 A Stronger, Loving World New York is destroyed; the Watchmen decide the fates of the mask-killer and possibly the world. Tue, July 14 2009
E10 Two Riders Were Approaching Nite-Owl and Rorschach may discover the identity of the mask-killer. Tue, July 07 2009
E9 The Darkness of Mere Being Laurie tries to convince Dr. Manhattan to go back to Earth. Tue, July 07 2009
E8 Old Friends Nite-Owl and Silk decide to break Rorschach out of prison. Tue, June 30 2009
E7 A Brother to Dragons Dan and Laurie put on their costumes to become heroes again. Tue, June 30 2009
E5 Fearful Symmetry Rorschach's investigation into Adrian's attack leads him to Moloch. Tue, June 23 2009
E6 The Abyss Gazes Psychiatrist tries to discover what transformed Walter Kovacs into Rorschach. Tue, June 23 2009
E4 Watchmaker Dr. Manhattan was once a young scientist called Jon Osterman. Tue, June 16 2009
E3 The Judge of All Earth Dr. Manhattan makes a surprising decision. Tue, June 16 2009
E2 Absent Friends Edward Blake's funeral; Rorschach investigates the murder of the Comedian. Tue, June 09 2009
E1 At Midnight, All the Agents... The "Watchmen" reunite after one of their own is murdered. Tue, June 09 2009
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