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E12 A chuck wagon race goes wrong; an African safari turns into a race against time. Sun, June 03 2012
E11 A highflying motorcycle stunt ends disastrously; a tourist is tossed by a rampaging bison. Sun, May 27 2012
E10 A cameraman crashes his landing while films a skydiving trip; a man's caught in the jaws of a shark. Sun, May 20 2012
E9 A bungee jumping line snaps; a plane crashes intot he Caribbean; a trampling. Sun, May 06 2012
E8 A gator's jaws lock on a wrestler's head; a boy falls into the gorilla exhibit at the zoo. Sun, April 29 2012
E7 A rescue chopper crashes in the mountains; a skydiver crashes into a parked car; a shark attack. Sun, April 22 2012
E6 A woman dives into the zoo's polar bear habitat; a cliff jump ends badly. Sun, April 15 2012
E5 A bad skydiving landing; a life or death ski-trip in Switzerland; a dangerous skateboard race. Sun, April 08 2012
E4 Divers are trapped inside a shark cage with a great white; two men collide on the slopes. Tue, March 27 2012
E3 A skier is buried under six feet of snow; a kayaker is wedged underwater. Tue, March 20 2012
E2 It's a race for survival for a heart attack victim & a friend who crashes into a tree while skiing. Tue, March 13 2012
E1 A son gets in a parasailing accident in Mexico and a father crashes into a steel gate while skiing. Tue, March 06 2012
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