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E12 Evil Beauty Matt Woods ignored rumors of his wife, but within months his marriage was a living hell. Mon, March 30 2015
E11 A Deadly Secret Shawna Williams finds her husband Shawn has been hiding a threatening secret since their first date. Mon, March 30 2015
E10 Dangerous Consequences After moving on to a new companion, a woman finds out how deadly her ex-husband can be. Mon, March 23 2015
E9 Campus Creep A young woman finds out about her husbands dirty little secrets after marrying. Mon, March 16 2015
E8 Poison Love Nathan Richardson's estranged wife accuses him of sending ricin-laced letters to U.S. politicians. Mon, March 16 2015
E7 Malicious Woundings After marrying, a real estate agent's charm wears off; anger escalates. Mon, March 09 2015
E6 A Dangerous Affair U.S. Marine Sgt. Stephen Tepatti's life begins to unravel after his wife's female friend arrives. Mon, March 09 2015
E5 Badge of Dishonor Rachel Alvarez is shocked when her police officer husband is accused of committing heinous crimes. Mon, March 02 2015
E4 The Sympathy Card When a sympathy card arrives, Tabitha Howe realizes her husband, Scott Wellington, is a con artist. Mon, March 02 2015
E2 Witt's End Jason Witt discovers his wife's true nature, coming face to face with pure evil. Mon, February 23 2015
E3 Dangerous Game Mandy Boardman goes to the police to allege that her husband has committed a despicable crime. Mon, February 23 2015
E1 Four's a Crowd After meeting a handsome stranger, Charmaine Whalen finds herself in the middle of a nightmare. Fri, February 06 2015
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