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E24 Savor the Veal Tony and Angela realize the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. Sat, April 25 1992
E23 Savor the Veal Tony and Angela realize the difficulties of a long-distance relationship. Sat, April 25 1992
E22 Savor the Veal Tony's out-of-town job offer poses the couple a dilemma. Sat, April 18 1992
E21 Mr. Micelli Builds His Dream House Perfectionist Tony fires everyone and remodels the master bedroom himself. Sat, March 28 1992
E20 Split Decision Angela meets Tony's double at a resort. Sat, March 21 1992
E19 Tony and the Honeymooners Tony struggles to keep his promise not to meddle when Sam and Hank move in for a short time. Sat, February 29 1992
E18 Better Off Wed Tony, Angela and the Thomopolouses rush to Vermont to stop the wedding when Sam elopes with Hank. Sat, February 22 1992
E17 Better Off Wed Tony isn't prepared to meet the parents of Sam's beau. Sat, February 15 1992
E16 Allergic to Love Angela thinks Tony's swollen lips are due to premarital stress. Sat, February 08 1992
E15 Tony Micelli, This Is Your Life Tony dreams of would-be stardom after meeting his baseball successor. Sat, February 01 1992
E14 Who's the Boss? A discussion about who is head of the household escalates into a war when Angela throws Tony out. Sat, January 25 1992
E13 Mrs. Al Sam poses as a friend's (William Gallo) wife so he can get an apartment. Sat, January 11 1992
E12 Tony, Can You Spare a Dime? Tony takes away Angela's credit cards and imposes tough restrictions on the family budget. Sat, January 04 1992
E11 This Sold House Tony persuades Angela to sell the house. Sat, December 07 1991
E10 Field of Screams A bad experience with Jonathan stops Tony from getting Sam a job. Sat, November 30 1991
E9 Grandmommie Dearest Mona's mother tries to sabotage Angela's marriage plans. Sat, November 23 1991
E8 Death and Love Tony plots to propose to Angela at a football game. Sat, November 16 1991
E7 Death and Love Tony almost kills Angela while trying to propose to her on a Vermont ski trip. Sat, November 09 1991
E6 A Well-Kept Housekeeper Tony overextends himself when he buys an expensive piece of art to impress Angela's wealthy friends. Sat, November 02 1991
E5 Tony Bags a Big One Tony intervenes when Mona dumps Angela's biggest client (Robert Mandan). Sat, October 26 1991
E4 Selling Sam Short Tony goes overboard to show he approves of Sam dating a Wall Street type. Sat, October 19 1991
E3 Misery Tony plays nurse when Angela becomes bedridden with a twisted ankle. Sat, October 12 1991
E2 An Affair to Forget Tony and Angela hesitate to share news of their new romance with the family. Sat, October 05 1991
E1 Seer of Love Tony and Angela finally express their true feelings to each other. Sat, September 28 1991
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