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E12 Lions: The Elephant Hunters The Serondela elephant herd and the Savuti lion pride face hardships. Sun, August 17 2008
E11 Tiger Sharks Under Threat The decline in the number of tiger sharks. Sun, August 03 2008
E10 Hyena Princess The life of a young spotted hyena, protected by her mother, the dominant matriarch. Sun, July 13 2008
E9 Decoding Humpbacks Meeting scientists who have dedicated their lives to understanding humpback whales. Sun, July 06 2008
E8 Predators in Peril How dominant predators survive on the Mala Mala Game Reserve. Sun, June 08 2008
E7 Buffalo Warrior Quest to save South Africa's largest cape buffalo from extinction. Sun, June 01 2008
E6 Bandits of Selous The banded mongooses of the Selous Game Reserve. Sun, April 27 2008
E5 Cheetahs: Blood Brothers A coalition of three cheetah brothers reigns over a territory in Botswana. Sun, April 20 2008
E4 Return to Penguin City Scientists travel to Antarctica to study Adelie penguins nesting and raising chicks. Sun, March 23 2008
E3 Elephant Nomads of Namib African elephants. Sun, March 16 2008
E2 The Snow Leopard's Lair Two men journey into the mountains of Pakistan to film the elusive snow leopard. Sun, March 09 2008
E1 Rhino Nights The life of the elusive black rhino. Sun, March 02 2008
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