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E26 Rhyme and Reason, Part 1; Rhyme and Reason, Part 2 A new villainous duo wreak havoc throughout the city; WordGirl tries to get villains back together. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E25 The Best of the Best; Art's Parts Becky tries to get along with the boastful Victoria Best; Becky is determined to catch an art thief. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E24 Tim Botsford: Neighborhood Assistant; Set Sail for the Bake Sale Tim Botsford becomes Neighborhood Assistant; Nocan the Contrarian schemes to steal bake sale items. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E23 News Girl; Diorama Drama: The Scene of the Crime Becky tries to make a new student feel welcome; Becky dreads a school project. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E22 The Ordinary, Extraordinary Botsfords; The Penny, the Pony, and the Pirate Becky appreciates her family's special powers when the Butcher breaks out of jail. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E21 Becky Knows Best; As Something as Something TJ enters the school writing contest; Becky has a hard time parting with her old things. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E20 Time-Out With Two-Brains; Dr. WordGirl-Brains It's Becky's turn to take care of the class pet -- a tarantula; Dr. Two-Brains freezes time. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E19 Trustworthy Tobey; The Tooth Hurts Becky blames Tobey for a missing library book; Becky fills in for Scoops at the Daily Rag. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E18 Staycation; Dr. No-Voice A snowstorm forces the Botsford family to change vacation plans; Dr. Two-Brains loses his voice. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E17 Pineapple of My Eye; Big Baby It's Becky's turn to make the pineapple pistachio coleslaw for her family reunion; Becky gets a job. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E16 Backyard Camping; The Power of Whamship Becky, Violet and TJ camp outside for a night; the Whammer and Invisi-Bill form a friendship. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E15 Accordion Tradition; Can't Touch This Becky's accordion practice gets cut short when Granny May starts cracking safes all around town. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E14 What Would WordGirl Do; Granny's Corner Becky, Bob, TJ and Johnson anticipate a day at the water park; Granny May's advice show. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E13 Royally Framed; WordGirl vs. Tobey vs. the Dentist Royal Dandy steals items from the museum, then blames WordGirl; an afternoon with the dentist. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E12 World's Best Dad; The Good Old, Bad Old Days Becky helps her father set a world record; the Butcher uses new moves to get past WordGirl. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E11 My Dad, My Teacher, My Dad, My Teacher; Castle! Dungeon! Fortress! So? Becky is not happy when her father gets a job as her substitute teacher; new card game. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E10 A Sticky Situation; Eight Legs vs. Two-Brains WordGirl and TJ become glued together; Becky takes care of the class pet -- a tarantula. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E9 Patch Game; Girls' Day Out Throws Chuck Becky and Toby both want to win a Key to the City; Chuck goes on a crime spree. Mon, May 25 2015 12:02 pm EDT
E8 Sparkling Clean; The Smile Collector Becky decides to hide her mess, rather than clean it up, so she won't miss her television show. Fri, June 05 2015 4:00 pm EDT
E7 A Curious Case of Curiosity; There's No V in Team Mrs. Botsford gets caught by Ms. Question's Curiosity Field Creator; City Quiz Bowl Championship. Wed, June 03 2015 4:00 pm EDT
E6 Guess Who's Coming to Thanksgiving Dinner; Judging Butcher Tobey and his mother are guests of honor at the Botsfords' Thanksgiving dinner. Wed, November 26 2014
E5 First One to Win Wins; A Little Bigger WordGirl TJ turns everything into a competition, which frustrates Becky; Dr. Two-Brains captures WordGirl. Fri, August 08 2014
E4 It's Your Party and I'll Cry If I Want To; Becky's Bad-itude Becky feels left out when Violet and Scoops are invited to Katy's birthday party but she isn't. Thu, August 07 2014
E3 El Queso Mysterioso; Putt With Honor Botsford family spends time together at Magical Magicians Convention; Becky catches Eileen cheating. Wed, August 06 2014
E2 A Few Words From WordGirl; Ears to You WordGirl makes the keynote speech on Inspiration Day; Mr. Big's Squishy Bunny Ears. Tue, August 05 2014
E1 Kid Math, Part 1; Kid Math, Part 2 Kid Math, a superhero from the planet Hexagon, doesn't understand how to be a superhero on Earth. Mon, August 04 2014
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