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E15 Should I Bring a Jacket? Greg and Christine realize they can each get what the other wants from their respective spouses. Wed, February 15 2006
E14 The Limo Jimmy and Greg must do some fancy two-stepping when their surprise anniversary plans go wrong. Wed, February 01 2006
E13 The Guinness World Record When his son did not invite Jimmy to Career Day, he worries that he no longer finds his job cool. Wed, January 25 2006
E12 Quitters Never Dance Logan and Jimmy sign up for a dance class, and Christine refuses to let Jimmy quit. Wed, January 18 2006
E11 Christine the Spy Jimmy tries to trick Christine into divulging information about Radford Studio. Wed, January 11 2006
E10 Jimmy Sponsors a Vacation Jimmy plans a weekend getaway using coupons and stand-by travel reservations. Wed, December 14 2005
E9 Marital Aid Another man's rude treatment of his wife makes Kim and Christine appreciate Greg and Jimmy more. Wed, November 23 2005
E8 Jimmy the Teacher Jimmy earns a little extra money by teaching the kids on the block the things their fathers can't. Wed, November 09 2005
E7 Baby, Baby Not Kim and Christine each decide to have another baby, causing Greg and Jimmy to plead for abstinence. Wed, November 02 2005
E6 Jimmy From the Block Jealous of Jimmy's popularity with the neighbors, Kim decides to have a barbecue. Wed, October 19 2005
E5 Barbecue Greg makes friends while overcoming fear of a rough neighborhood. Wed, October 12 2005
E4 On Your Marks, Get Set, Mow When Jimmy is in last place during a lawnmower race, he partners with Greg. Wed, October 05 2005
E3 Dominic's First Date When Dominic follows Jim's secret dating advice, he strikes out with Christine. Wed, September 28 2005
E2 Greg's a Mooch Jimmy and Kim decide it is time for some tough love when Greg declines a job offer. Wed, September 21 2005
E1 The Radford Reshuffle When Mr. Savitsky gets fired, he convinces Greg to leave with him. Wed, May 04 2005
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