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E25 Ants and Eaters Zoboo learns that ants have ways of protecting themselves from anteaters. Thu, June 07 2001
E24 Messy and Clean Zoboo learns what "messy" and "clean" mean to different animals. Mon, May 21 2001
E23 Crocodilian The Kratt brothers go back in time to investigate crocodilians. Sat, May 19 2001
E21 World of Legs Zoboo sees a larva and wonders what kind of legs it will have. Fri, May 18 2001
E20 Hot and Cold A Gila monster and a snow leopard visit; adapting to living in different climates. Sat, April 28 2001
E18 Families Zoboo tries to find the right family for a baby African pygmy hedgehog. Sun, April 22 2001
E22 Armour Zoboo thinks that if he had armor, he would be safe like his African crested porcupine friends. Sat, January 01 2000
E13 Can You Feel It? Zoboo invents a game that a lemur, a chimpanzee and a dog can all enjoy.
E12 Buddies Sea anenome; clown fish; sloths; langur monkeys; deer; chameleon.
E11 Creature Neighbors Treasure hunt.
E10 Flying Buddies Chris and Martin build Zoboo a pair of wings after their lemur pal spots a flying fox fruit bat.
E7 Pop Goes the Tiger Tigers; ball; hedgehog.
E6 Zoboo the Super Lemur Comic book; kittens; India.
E5 Humans Kindergarten students; playing.
E4 Snake Bellies Snakes.
E3 Bovine Zoboo learns about cows and red kangaroos -- two animals with second stomachs.
E1 Green Creatures Zoboo learns how animals, including elephants, binturongs and sloths, help plants grow.
E19 H2O The animals are thirsty after a pond dries up; a rain dance; Africa; water creatures.
E17 Don't Fence Me In A wolverine discovers that there isn't enough room for him at Animal Junction.
E16 Grow, Zoboo, Grow The Kratt brothers take care of a human baby and a kangaroo baby.
E14 Fearfest Zoboo discovers that some animals look a lot scarier than they really are.
E9 Talk to Me Communication; letters; India.
E8 Powerhouse Snow leopard; elephant; leaping.
E2 Brain Power Intelligence; India; crows; elephants.
E15 Superclaw Some climbing kinkajous inspire Chris and Martin to build fake claws to help Zoboo get up a tree.
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