Welcome to the New Zap2it TV Listings

Following is an overview of the new features of Zap2it’s TV listings:

Available Date Range for TV listings Data: Current listings show one week of TV programming. Zap2it is working to expand this to include two weeks of programming this May.

Log In: Logged in users are able to save their localization preferences and favorite channels. The log in function is currently limited to previously registered Zap2it users. We are working to make this feature available to all Zap2it users, old and new, in May.

login Screen

What’s On Tonight: Located at the top of the TV listings grid, What’s on Tonight features 5 TV shows from six popular networks(ABC, CBS, NBC, PBS, CW and USA) airing in primetime. Airtimes are noted in EST.

What’s on Tonight

Localize Your Grid: Zap2it TV listings default to an Eastern National lineup. To localize your grid, click “Change My Location” in the upper right hand corner of your grid. You will be prompted to enter your Zip or Postal code and select your local lineup. Your localized settings will remain in place every time you return to Zap2it as long as your cookies remain in place and have not been cleared from your browser.

Change Location

Select Favorite Channels: As a logged in Zap2it user, viewing your favorite channels is now easier than ever. Simply click on the plus sign next to your favorite channel and refresh the page. You’ll see the plus sign change to a check mark, indicating that the channel has been added to your favorites. You’ll also see that the channel has automatically moved to the top of your grid. To unselect a favorite channel, click on the check mark next to the channel, refresh your page, and the channel will move back into its regular position in the grid.

favorite channels

Filter Grid by Program Type: The new Zap2it TV listings enable you to limit your grid view to only show programming from a specific genre (Children, News, Movies, Sports, Reality, Music, Lifestyle, International, Drama, Documentary, Comedy, Art). To limit your view, click on the “All” icon at the top of the grid, select one or multiple program genres and you’ll see that your grid update to only show programming from the specified genres.

Grid Filter

Advance Grid to Different Time:

  1. Advance by Day Part: In the upper left corner of the grid, there is a drop down that enables you to advance the grid to Primetime, Daytime or Right Now. Advance by Day Part
  2. Advance by Day: At the top of the grid, you’ll see the current date. To advance the grid to a future date, click on the box and select the date you’d like to see programming for. Note: The grid currently showcases 7-days of programming. We are working to expand this to 14-days of programming. Advance by Day
  3. Advance to Specific Time: At the top of the grid, you’ll see the current time. To advance the grid to a future hour, click on the box and select the hour you’d like to see programming for. Advance to Specific Time
  4. Advance by Three Hours: To the right of the time bar, you’ll see arrows that enable you to advance the grid forward or backward three hours. Advance by Three Hours

Episode Descriptions: Click on the show title in the grid to see a full episode description and get the exact airtime, season and episode number.

Episode Descriptions

Showcards: Learn more about your favorite shows by clicking on the show title in the expanded grid detail. Zap2it showcards include a show description, # of episodes, release date, when the next new episode is airing and where to watch the last episode online. Showcards also show all related blog posts and photo galleries, cast and crew, a link to a complete episode guide and recommendations of other similar shows.


Episode Guides: Available through Zap2it showcards, episode guides list every episode by season and include episode descriptions, original air dates, upcoming airtime for new episodes and where to watch old episodes online. The guide also features a “FREE” indicator to let you know if an episode can be viewed online for free.

Episode Guides